Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 144) Nail art mosaic

Besides the nail polish racks I own, I also have a drawer unit for my nail art related stuff.
Once in a while I have to reorganize these drawers because I don't even know what I've got anymore...and they won't close ;D
When I was reorganizing today I found my crushed shell again and immediately decided I had to do a nail art with this.
But what? I looked at the little pieces and they reminded me of mosaic tiles.

So, mosaic it is!

Materials I used:
- Crushed shell (different colors)
- (Pearly) white nail polish
- Rhinestone picker (I have one with a sticky ball at the end. So you can pick up anything you like with it, as long as it isn't too heavy)
- Small dottingtool

Step 1) After the basecoat I applied some white nail polish on just a little part of the nail. A little part, because this is going to be your glue and when you paint your whole nail it will be dry once you get there. I used a small dottingtool for applying, but you can also use a small brush or something.
Step 2) Pick up a little piece of crushed shell with the rhinestone picker and place it on the desired spot. For a nice and longlasting outcome, I recommend you use the flattest pieces of crushed shell. I used the other side of my rhinestone picker to give the pieces an extra push into the nail polish.
Step 3) Make any design you like. I'll have to say it's very time-consuming, but so is a 'real' mosaic.

I was afraid a topcoat might ruin it, so I used KOH DRY DROPS! instead. One drop and your nail polish is dry within the minute. It also contains Aloë Vera and Vitamin E for the cuticles. My hands were really dry and they LOVE the Koh drops. I did put another drop on the hands as well, that's why my hand is oily.

Here is another picture without the oil ;D

Thumb: mix of colors (not so interesting)
Index finger: swirl
Middle finger: 3 flowers
Ring finger: rings, circles
Pinky: horizontal lines

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