Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 126) Casuelle Neon nailpolish

Allereerst een opmerking voor al mijn Nederlandse viewers. Mijn Nederlandse blog kun je hier vinden.

We have a toy store in the Netherlands called Intertoys. Besides toys they sell some girls stuff.
This includes nailpolish (color, crackle, neon), striping tape, billions/beads/caviar, nail art pens etc.
Don't expect top quality but the prices are very nice!

Neon nailpolish is hard to get in the Netherlands. Just a few brands have this in their collection and it's expensive. The same goes for buying them online.

So, when I came along these neon nail polishes I've just had to try them.

The Casuelle neon nailpolish comes in 4 different shades:

>Neon yellow, neon coral, neon green and neon pink.

The brush is simple as what you can expect with low budget polishes.

N.B. Keep in mind that every light or bright colour needs more layers/coats to get that full opacity. I always recommend that you give your nails a white base before using any of these colors.

After my white base I applied these polishes with my own brush. They applied watery > even with the white base it looked like they were needing at least 2 coats. I hate this! I chose to apply it very thick and was hoping it was ever going to dry...
To my surprise this thick layer dried even faster than any other nail polish I own. Conclusion: they have to be applied very thick!
The neon colors are in fact real neon colors (I regret that this doesn't show on the pictures that well).
I do think the coral and pink look too much alike. There is just a slightly difference when they are apllied on the nails. 
I'm not a huge neon fan:
The weather in The Netherlands isn't that sunny. And neon for me means: sunny, palm trees, beaches, suntanned skin (all very hard to find here). So perfect for the summer holidays when we go abroad.

My overall opinion is that you have some great neon colors for an even greater price!

My main goal was to swatch these nail polishes so I added some simple nail art with black striping tape.
Curious about the look? Here it is:

Please keep in mind that the colors don't show well on the pictures; this really is NEON!

In addition:
I've had to made some pictures in the sun hoping to get a better result and it did. So, here is a picture which gives a better idea of the neon colors:

My question for you: Do you have the brand 'Casuelle' and are you familiar with these neon polishes?
Please let me know...thanks!

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