Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 132) Très chic

Actually I wanted to do another Mother's Day nail art but I just couldn't think of any design.
After the heavy velvet I was sure I wanted something simple and delicate again.
Something chic and elegant...something more me!
Today's nails are chic and easy to do.

First I divided my nails into 3 not even parts.
These 3 parts all got a different colour.
The colors I used are:
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - 800 Heavy Metallilac (the purple colour)
- W.I.C. by Herome Limited Edition Magical India - 201 Jaipur (plum colour)
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - 840 Genius in the bottle (goldish colour)

I used a nail art brush and painted the parts freehand but you can always use tape for a more neatly design.

These colors look great when you use them on the whole nail and paint them with the brush that comes with the polishes but in this design it shows the brush stripes that I've made.
I don't like it and this is not the look I was aiming for.

2) I decided to use a matte topcoat for a more chic design.
The matte topcoat I used:
-Miss Sporty - Check matte

Already a chic look I think but still I was looking for the 'tres' chic.
I went through my stuff and found the beads. Yes, this was going to be my 'tres' in 'tres chic' :-D

These nails are more 'me' and I love them.
How about you? Love or hate?

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