Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 147) Fast Foil Fun

Didn't get much sleep last night.
With 4 kids is a miracle if we get one full night of sleep per week.
Aches, illness and dreaming are our nighttly challenges.

I wanted to do an easy and fast nail art for today.
And...I found it!

Material I used:
From left to right:
*Essence Colour & Go - 141 Icy Princess
*Transfer foil glue
*Fan brush
*Transfer foil purple
-Something you can use as a palette

1) After the basecoat apply the silver glitter nail polish (Essence). I applied two thin coats.
2) Take the transfer foil glue and put some on your palette
3) Then take the fan brush and get some glue on it
4) Gently paint your nails with the fan brush and glue
For the thumb I did a vertical brush stripe. For the other fingers I brushed horizontal.

5) Because it's such a thin coat of glue you put on. You can almost immediately put the transfer foil on.
Cut a piece of transfer foil (nail size) and put it on your nail (shiny side up). Gently rob it and remove the transfer foil.
6) If there is any foil on your cuticles, this is easy to remove with some remover.
Finish it with a topcoat. Done!

In real it looks like a painting made by an artist who randomly gave it some brush stripes.

I love this easy and fast nail art! Do you?

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