Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 7)

Hi all,

Today I'm going to show you my 7th and last lacquer from the +Jior Couture limited collab collection called #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou.
This True Blood inspired collection is available in store today at noon EST.
The collection features 15 lacquers. Don't forget to have a look at the other 8 as well ;-D

If you haven't been around lately and/or are just tuning in.
You can find more info about this collection and the lacquers here:
- Part 1 (Polish: Blood Bag)
- Part 2 (Polish: Best Believe It's Gonna Be Flamin')
- Part 3 (Polish: Suck Me, Vampire Barbie)
- Part 4 (Polish: Sex On A Throne)
- Part 5 (Polish: Danger Whore)
- Part 6 (Polish: Bon Temps Rousses)


First I want to mention that I'm not just receiving lacquers to swatch, but also ordered lacquers myself from Jior Couture.
Ordering was easy, payment was safe and shipping was fast.
I had some questions about the shipping costs and my Email was answered as soon as she was on. 
I've never had trouble with any lacquers but I'm pretty sure that if you're not satisfied with what you've got, she will immediately contact you and solve the problem.
Another thing I love is the way how you receive your order. Makes you feel like it's your Birthday :D
That being said, it's time to move on to this collection.
I've never seen "True Blood" (SORRY). 
But as a polish freak, do I really care? 
For me it's all about the lacquers anyway.
I do believe that when a collection is specifically based on something, you're might be able to attract non polish freaks that are huge True Blood fans.
For them it becomes a collector's item.
I've seen the whole collection and in my opinion some lacquers are great for Halloween, Fall, Winter, and fun to classy parties.
Some lacquers are textured, matte, shimmery, glittery, jelly, holo, color shifting etc. I think this collection holds something desirable for anyone.
They all applied as what I expect from the polish. For example whem I'm swatching a jelly glitter I don't expect it to be opaque in 1 coat. I expect it to build up in coats and get a 3D effect with the glitters.
Best thing about being a swatcher is that you receive lacquers you would never have chosen yourself. It's no secret that I'm huge holo, multichrome fan.
So, when it comes to spending my money I always tend to buy lacquers like that.
I now was able to swatch some other pretties and well...I wouldn't mind getting them full size :D
I loved all the lacquers but the ones closest to my taste are:
- Blood Bag (gorgeous 3D)
- Danger Whore (rubies)
- Sex On A Throne (unique)
- Twin Hard Ons (perfect for wedding nails)

Thank you so much Sacha for giving me this opportunity!

Twin Hard Ons

Today I bring you Twin Hard Ons.
True Blood quote:
Jason: "Fangs are basically like twin hard-ons."
"Hard-ons for trouble and for feeding on somebody. Not just for talking."

Twin Hard Ons is a shimmery fang white.
The perfect color for Halloween fangs, Winter and weddings.
Coats suggested: 2-3
It applies a bit thicker than a normal creme and drying time is also a bit longer. However I have a simular polish by Catrice (beige white shimmer) and in terms of application and drying time it's the same.
Finish: Semi matte
Pictures of swatches show 2-3 coats and no topcoat.
Picture of nail art shows 2-3 coats with topcoat.


Macro shot to have a better look at the shimmer.
I would call it an iridescent shimmer; with the most accent on green.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Nail art

I've used several True Blood inspirations for the nail art and also used some other lacquers from this collection.
Index: Dripping blood using Blood Bag
Middle: True Blood logo using Danger Whore and Bon Temps Rousses
Ring: Design inspired by a True Blood Lilith pendant necklace using Twin Hard Ons over Sex On A Throne
Pinky: Vampire bite using Danger Whore and Blood Bag

Picture taken in light box with flash.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 6)

Part 6 already, which means I'm going to show you the sixth lacquer from the +Jior Couture limited collab collection called #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou.
This very limited collection, which is inspired by HBO show True Blood, is available in store on September 27th.

For additional info about the collection and other lacquers, please visit part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

Today I bring you Bon Temps Rousses.
Tribute to all the Bon Temps redheads (gingers); Jessica, Arlene, Lisa & Ginger (True Blood).

Bon Temps Rousses has a deep orange base filled with gold micro glitter, making it a very rich color and perfect for Fall.
Coats suggested: 2
Finish: Semi matte.
Pictures of swatches show 2 coats and no topcoat.
Picture of nail art shows 2 coats with topcoat.


Macro shot.

Picture taken in light box with flash.

Picture taken outside. Natural lighting and no flash.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Nail art

The polish name inspired me to paint a redhead.
I'm not the best in painting portraits so this was a big challenge.
I decided to go for a random redhead vampire as I didn't actually want to paint a redhead from the series.
I made the design with acrylic paints and used Bon Temps Rousses to color her hair.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 5)

Hi lovely readers.
Only 3 lacquers left to show you from the #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou limited collab collection by +Jior Couture.
Available in store on September 27th.

If you missed previous posts with more info about the collection and the other lacquers.
Just visit part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Next sentences are 18+

Part 5 is all about Danger Whore.
True Blood quote:
Sookie: "There's a town consensus about what kind of girl I am...they call me a danger whore."

Danger Whore has a black base filled with bright red micro glitter.
It's like wearing scattered rubies on your nails.
Coats suggested: 2-3
Finish: Textured due to the large amount of micro glitter.
Topcoating it, gives a smooth finish and enhances the brightness of the micro glitter.
Swatch shows 2-3 coats without topcoat.
Nail art shows 2-3 coats with topcoat.


Macro shot.
Like I said: bright as rubies and a large amount of micro glitter.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

As you may have noticed, I only have one swatch for you.
This because different lighting didn't change the color nor look of the polish.
Personally I love the topcoated version (nail art) best.

Nail art

The following image was the inspiration for my nail art.

Accent nail shows a free hand design using acrylic paint.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 4)

We're already at the 4th lacquer from +Jior Couture's limited collab collection called #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou.
For more info about the collection and other lacquers I'm referring to part 1, part 2 and part 3.

As Your (Indie) Maker I Command You collection is available in store on September 27th.

Again, the next sentences are for 18+

Up is Sex On A Throne.
True Blood quote:
Ginger: "Sex sells and Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure f*cking sex on a throne."

Sex On A Throne is a black base filled with different sizes and shapes opal glitters.
Coats suggested: 3-4 or 1 coat over black undies.
Finish: Matte.
I like the matte version because it's more unique and vampy but with topcoat it's also suited for something more glamorous. Your choice :D
Pictures of swatches show 3-4 coats and no topcoat
Picture of nail art show 3-4 coats with topcoat.


Macro shot.
Look at all those colors! LOVE!

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Picture taken in light box with flash.

Nail art

I tried to make another polish name inspired nail art.
I started with painting THE throne but after finishing it, I was looking at my nails and thought: "No-one is going to see this is a throne."
I removed it and went for the word "Fangtasia"
Fangtasia is a popular vampire bar on the HBO serie True Blood.
Due to Eric's status among vampires, he has a throne-like seat near the back of the bar where humans may offer themselves to him.

Picture taken outside. No flash.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 3)

Today I bring you the third lacquer of the very limited collab collection by +Jior Couture called #asyourindiemakericommandyou.
This collection is available in store on September 27th.

More info about this collection and the other lacquers can be found at part 1 and part 2.

Next sentences are 18+

Today's polish is called Suck Me, Vampire Barbie
True Blood quote:
Pam De Veaufort: "Just because we drank a b*tch together does not make us Oprah and Gayle. Get the f*ck back to work."
Tara Thornton: "Suck me, vampire Barbie!"

Suck Me, Vampire Barbie has a pink base filled with pink, black and holo micro glitter.
Coats suggested: 2-3
Finish: A bit textured.
Pictures of swatches show 3 thin coats and no topcoat.
Pictures of nail art show 3 thin coats + topcoat.


Picture taken in light box with flash.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

I'm not really a "pink" girl, 
It's a color you won't see on my nails that often.
This one is an exception though. 
I like that it is a more rough version with the black micro glitter and soft textured finish.
And of course the holo micro glitter is right up my alley :-D

Nail art

For this nail art I simply used the polish name as my inspiration.
Index: "Suck Me" (Vampire font)
Middle: "Vampire" (Vampire font) and fangs
Ring: Corset inspired design
Pinky: "Barbie" (Barbie logo)

I have 2 pictures of my nail art. Second one shows the nail art best but the color of the polish isn't really representative anymore.

Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Picture taken in light box with flash

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 2)

Today I bring you the second part (second lacquer) of the limited collab collection by +Jior Couture  #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou.
More info about this collection can be found at part 1.
Available in store on September 27th.

Up is Best Believe It's Gonna Be Flamin'
True Blood quote:
Lafayette: "Save room for dessert. I ain't gonna tell ya'll what it is, but best believe it's gonna be flamin'."

Best Believe It's Gonna Be Flamin' has a dark plum jelly base filled with different sizes and shapes gold holo glitter.
Coats suggested: 3
Pictures show 3 coats + topcoat


Picture taken outside with natural light. No flash.

Picture taken in light box with flash.

It was so hard to catch the real beauty of this lacquer on camera. 
The holo glitters are much more visible in real life when light hits them.
And again, the 3D effect of lacquers like these is just amazing! It's like looking at a gorgeous starry night.

Nail art

For the nail art I was inspired by flambe desserts.

I started with applying a black base on the accent nail (China Glaze Liquid Leather).
Then I applied a large blob of UV topcoat on my tip and used a striper brush to drag the topcoat up to 2/3 of the nail (simular to the needle dragging method). 
Of course trying to make some flames like movements.
The base being still wet.
Then I applied another blob of black polish on the tip and did the same thing.
Only the black I dragged less up to the nail to 1/3.

Now, this nail art looked nothing spectacular in real life but next to the UV bulb...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Jior Couture Collab Collection #AsYourIndieMakerICommandYou (part 1)

So sorry for my absence but I've been really busy with the preparations of what I'm going to show you now and the next few days.

A while ago Sacha from +Jior Couture hosted an Instagram give away with the grand prize being the chance to co-create a collection.
So, together with Lelia @grneyegoddess7 (winner) they came up with this fabulous collab collection called As Your Indie Maker, I Command You.
This collection is inspired by the HBO hit show True Blood.
The polish names are based off quotes from their favorite characters on the show.
They even had to scale back on a few because they were a bit too risqué.
But then, True Blood is all about that!
In advance: Some names are more for an adult crowd so if your under 18 just close your eyes for the names because the lacquers are really worth seeing ;-D

This collection features 15 lacquers and it's very limited...quantity will only be about 10 each.
See anything you like?
Don't wait too long!
Available in store on September 27th.
All lacquers are 5 free

I have 7 lacquers (posted from part 1 to part 7) that I'm going to show you from this collection, but look out for the other 8 as well because I've already seen some pretties among them :D

Today I bring you Blood Bag
True Blood quote: 
Jason: "Something funny fanger?"
Eric: "Yes blood bag."

Blood Bag is a red jelly base filled with different sized and shaped glitters.
Coats suggested: 3
Pictures show 3 coats + topcoat
Note: Probably due to travelling and the smaller swatcher bottles the glitters got attached to the sides of the bottle. I had to use a toothpick to get some of it loose and shake the bottle really well. Even then it required some fishing to get the bigger glitters out. I wouldn't go through all this trouble if I wasn't swatching this (and want to show you all the glitters) because eventually you will get that bigger glitters out.


Picture taken in light box. No flash.

Picture taken in light box with flash.

Picture taken outside with natural light. No flash.

I really love the 3D effect that this polish gives. 
IMO a perfect polish for Fall, Winter, Halloween or a fun party.

Nail art

Yeah, guess what!
I even made a nail art for each single polish that I've swatched :D

I kept it True Blood themed and even tried to link it to the polish names as well.
With Blood Bag I kept it quite simple using black polish (China Glaze Liquid Leather) to blow splatters on the nails using a cut drinking straw.
My nails ended up looking like marbles and I couldn't stop looking at them.

See you tomorrow for part 2 :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lace nails

It's been such a long time since my last entry for the weekly challenge over at Nail Polish Queens (NPQ) community.
Which is actually sad because I really like those weekly challenges and the community!

This week the challenge is: Lace
Although I consider myself more of a free hand painter, lace is a thing that looks just weird when I'm doing it free hand.
And, let's be honest, the lace patterns on stamps and decals are out of this world!

Today I bring you another nail art with the use of water decals.
And again, these came from Born Pretty Store.

Let's have a look at them :D

As you can see there are black and white lace patterns and I immediately had to think about a wedding themed nail art.

As a base for my nail art I've used this gorgeous polish by Dance Legend.
Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 03 Gold Fish
Gold Fish is a sheer platinum gold filled with larger scattered holo particles that look like white gold particles without direct lighting,
A polish really suited for wedding nails.
However, when I started applying this polish it was kind of sheer. It did build up but it took me about 5 coats to have it as I please.
Application was really easy and I was able to apply the other coats very soon after the previous.
But...I smudged a nail right after finishing application and had to start all over again.
I decided to make it more easy for myself by using a 1 coater platinum gold as base for the Gold Fish...leading it to be used more as a topcoat.
The color underneath Gold Fish is:
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 820 Winner takes it all!

I cut the water decals so I could make a V-shape (Chevron).

I'm really pleased with the elegance.
What do you think?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Water decals Artistic Vortex Pattern Born Pretty Store

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost I've won a prize over at Born Pretty Store.
The prize: 3 water decal sets of my choice.

Hard choice for me as I'm not really a fan of water decals.
Simply because I love to create a beautiful free hand design.

Does this mean you never use water decals?
Water decals are easy to apply and the most artistic/appealing/cute/pretty nail designs are available.
And with that being said, it's no surprise that when it comes to water decals, I'm always looking for those designs I wouldn't be able to paint myself and/or would take me ages to do so.

As a base color I used Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons 244 Chic Chartreuse:

And this is the finished look using the water decals:

Want to order these water decals or other products from Born Pretty Store.
Use my 10% off code: HUB10

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Born Pretty Store Prize and Glam Polish swatch

Today I bring you a gorgeous polish by Glam Polish.
Glam Polish is an Australian Indie brand.
All Glam Polishes are 3-free and cruelty free.
They only ship to the USA and Australia but there are some international stockists that ship worldwide.

I also won a Born Pretty Store prize a while ago and recently I received it.
The prize: water decals (chosen by me) and some random products (extra gift from BPS).
Now, I'm not going to show you all the items yet because more blogposts are coming ;-)
Want to purchase anything yourself? You can use my 10% off code: HUB10

Let's start with the polish.

That old Black Magic is part of the Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend collection which was inspired by Marilyn Monroe.
The black base is filled with a mix of glass fleck glitters, micoglitters, and a touch of holographic dust.
Two coats is enough to make this beauty nicely opaque.
Finish is a bit textured but a topcoat immediately gives you a nice smooth finish if you want.

First up is a macro shot of this beauty.
Look at those gorgeous colorful glitters!

Picture above is taken in the shade. 
Like any other (holographic/glitter) polish this beauty needs some light to show its true beauty.
However this polish isn't just a dull black in the shade; The rich mixture of glitters makes it already interesting to look at.

But let's be honest...
It looks best in direct light!!
I could even discover a subtle linear holo but my camera refused to pick it up :(

And yes, those studs you're seeing, they came from BPS.
These work great with this polish as they remind me of diamonds and the rainbow colors like a holo is just perfect as well.

What do you think of this polish?