Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sugar spun nails created with Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh

When I saw this limited edition by Catrice I knew I just had to have it ;D

From left to right:
- C01 The Peach Boys
- C02 Make Fast At Tiffany's
- C03 Evergreen 60s
- C04 Another Pink Panther
- C05 Light Your Fire
Today was a rainy day so I will provide the swatches later.
The colors are perfect for Spring/Easter. Lovely pastels and a bright pink.
All the lacquers have a pearly shimmer which makes them even more sweet.
Colorwise this is a very beautiful limited edition.
However I didn't like the consistency of these polishes.
They are creamy (as you would expect from the name "Crème Fresh") but they are so thick that I had trouble to apply an even coat.
Although the polishes got gluey/sticky very fast, drying time was quite long.
Most of the polishes required two thin coats to be opaque and I find it very annoying to not being able to apply the next coat because the previous isn't dry yet.
Perhaps a fast drying topcoat will be the key to this problem...I'll let you know.
Many ideas for these gorgeous colors but after removing the polish/nail art several times because of bumps, air bubbles and soft/mushy drying I was done with it!
Really...I'm a huge fan of Catrice polishes but this edition was going to see the trashcan!
And then I thought these would make just perfect lacquers for a sugar spun nail art.
Sticky within minutes ;D
And so it be...
Here are my sugar spun nails:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Swatches and review Essence effect nail polishes (new collection)

Like many other brands Essence too came out with a new Essence nail polish collection for spring 2014.
Not only does this collection feature new Colour & Go nail shades.
It also came with a complete new collection of effect nail polishes.
"The effect nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch!"
Available in 14 colours with four different effects.
All these beauties will be joining the permanent Essence collection.

And, oh my, I have swatched this whole collection of effect nail polishes for you :D
01 Pixie Dust
Pearly base filled with multi colour micro glitters.
It's hard to find out which colours because the pinkish micro glitter is very dominating.
It says holo shimmer on the cap but for me this is not holo.
It looks more like a duochrome or iridescent shimmer.
Nothing wrong with this polish but not what I expected.
I'm pretty sure this would make a beautiful shimmer topcoat.
02 Baby, you're a firework
Clear base filled with white sand, pink micro and small glitter.
A drop dead gorgeous soft pink sand polish.
Subtle texture.
This polish can't get opaque enough to not have any see through but my nails are a bit yellow and this polish makes the pink pinker and the white whiter.
My nails looked very femenine and healthy.
Definitely a keeper.
03 Glitz & glam
Up front: this picture doesn't do this polish any justice.
It's a clear base filled with green/gold almost teal micro glitter and small and larger (antique) pink hexes.
It's hard to get it opaqua and it does require fishing and placement for the largest hexes.
However this doesn't really seem to bother me as it's just such a perfect and unique color combo!
04 Skyfall
A teal base filled with silver sand.
Subtle sand texture and two coats is enough for good coverage.
How can you not like a teal sand polish?
06 Party in a bottle
Clear base filled with teal micro glitter and larger teal hexes.
If you're already a fan of Model's Own Emerald City this could be a nice cheap dupe for you.
It needs the dabbing method to be opaque but so does Emerald City.
I love it, I love it! This will need to be forever in their collection!
This is the most perfect color/polish for summer.
07 Blue-jeaned
Dark blue base filled with silver sand.
Two coats gives good coverage.
I think it does give a jeans look and the subtle texture is fine by me.
Definitely a keeper.
08 Heart explosion
Red base with white sand and larger gold hexes.
One coat makes the polish look more like a pink.
More coats builds up the colour.
Two coats is enough for good coverage.
To my surprise it had a kind of jelly effect and the glitters got a bit sandwiched and still there is sand texture as well.
I'm not sure if the textured finish suits this polish. I would probably even things out with a topcoat.
However I do like that this polish is different.
09 Hey mister sandman
Pink base filled with white sand and larger silver hexes.
Good coverage with 2 coats.
What can I say: It's bright, it's pink, it's glitter, it's girly, nothing wrong with this polish.
10 Glitterbomb
Clear base filled with antique pink micro glitter, a bit larger round glitters and larger hexes.
The polish needs more layers to build up for opaqueness  and I found the dabbing method working best as the bigger hexes needed some fishing and placement on the nail.
I believe antique pink will be a colour much seen this spring.
11 Party crasher
Clear base filled with lavender micro glitter and just a bit larger purple glitters.
Needs more layers to build up for good coverage.
Purple is my favorite color but this polish didn't really wow me.
It's a quite common glitter polish.
12 Bejeweled
Pearly watery base filled with holographic micro, small and larger glitters.
I've used the dabbing method to get it this opaque.
Perhaps it works better as a topcoat.

13 Laser show
Clear base filled with teal and pink micro glitter which gives it a holographic look.
One size bigger white hexes and larger black hexes.
Up close you can really see the beauty of all the glitters, however on a distance it looks more like a pearly glitter base filled with black hexes.
Sadly I couldn't get this polish opaque. Perhaps it works better as a topcoat.
Although it looks like the polish didn't cover the whole nail and leaving open spaces (image), this is not the case. Where sunlight hit the nail my camera just happened to catch that part the best.
14 Flash powder
Clear base filled with black sand and silver micro glitter.
Dries fast and 2 coats is enough for good coverage.
Surprisingly I really liked the edgy and still classy look it gives.
101 Jewels in the pool
A blue watery base filled with small round blue glitters.
I could only get the polish this opaque by using the dabbing method.
This polish would work better as a topcoat.
Although I didn't like applying is a gorgeous polish.
In conclusion:
I think Essence did a very good job with this collection.
Beautiful shimmers, glitters, sands and colours.
Some unique, others less unique but still desirable.
I do think they could have done a better job with the coverage as they claim to "offer great coverage". Especially with the glitters as most of them required the dabbing method.
Personally this collection isn't that interesting for me as my priority is still with nail art and nail arting on textures like sand and glitters isn't really easy.
But looking at the low budget price of these polishes and the fun finishes, it offers lots of opportunities for people who like to paint their nails with one polish but still want something fun to look at.
Very appealing towards the younger public I think.
My keepers:
- 02 Baby, you're a firework
- 03 Glitz & glam
- 04 Skyfall
- 06 Party in a bottle
- 07 Blue-jeaned
- 08 Heart explosion
- 14 Flash powder
- 101 Jewels in the pool

Monday, February 10, 2014

Essence Trend Edition Love Letters

Essence says:
"Let's get romantic with the trend edition Love Letters. We're heading towards Valentine's Day and it's all about traditional love letters. These gorgeous products have such a cute love of detail, you're sure to find the right words for beautiful compliments."

This trend edition brings 5 longlasting nail polish colors and a stampy set.

I didn't get the stampy set but I do have the 5 polishes for you.
Here are the swatches:

Essence Love Letters 01 Rosy in love

Essence Love Letters 02 I got a crush on blue!
Essnece Love Letters 03 Grey-headed lovebird
Essence Love Letters 04 Dear peach!
Essence Love Letters 05 Inkheart
All the polishes appear to be very fluid but it tends to get tacky in a short period of time.
Therefore I recommend to apply two thin coats for all the polishes and also wait with the next coat until the first one is completely dry.
I haven't tried it yet but I think these polishes (all of them) could be great for stamping and sugarspun nails.
The colors are very beautiful and have a shiny finish (the stampy one a little less shiny).
They remind me of Vintage colors and ballet.
Of course I also made a nail art with this trend edition. I did add one other Essence color.
Essence Trend Edition Beaty Beats 04 Groupie at heart
Index: Hand painted Vintage roses
Middle: Hand painted Love Letters design
Ring: Sponged background+stamping
Pinky: Hand painted hearts

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Swatches Rimmel Sweetie Crush

Rimmel London just released a new limited edition called "Sweetie Crush".
This collection holds 5 sugary textured polishes in sweet candy colors.
Perfect for Spring, Easter and of course Valentine.

From left to right:
008 Sherbet Sweetheart
009 Candyfloss Cutie
010 Frizzy Applelicious
011 Violet Swizzle
012 Blueberry Whizz

Now, I've been in a lot of stores but could only find 3 of 5 colors.
Some didn't have this edition at all, others just two colors.
I like to make this collection complete especially after my experiences.
Perhaps with the next arrivals?
As soon as I have the other two colors (blue and purple) I will update this post.
Here are the swatches of the 3 colors that I did get (all are two coats):
008 Sherbet Sweetheart
009 Candyfloss Cutie

010 Frizzy Applelicious
And of course I made a very sweet nail art for you :D


Here are the swatches of the last two colors...I finally could get my hands on them ;D
011 Violet Swizzle
012 Blueberry Whizz
I am very happy with the Sweetie Crush line by Rimmel London.
Colors are gorgeous. Beautiful sand texture. Two coaters.
Well done!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anti Valentine nail art

I have one of those hubby's that needs hints when I want him to be romantic, buy me a present etc.
I think Valentine's Day was invented for men like him.
It's like one big hint!
They really can't miss the hearts, the advertisements, the decorations in stores and so on.
Thumbs up right?
NO! My hubby just thinks it's one big media circus and doesn't want to be forced to be romantic...
I couldn't agree more with him but sadly this also means that it's just another day without romance.

In conclusion: I think I'm anti Valentine's Day.
So when I saw this week's challenge on NPQ which is "anti-Valentine" I couldn't resist participating in this one.

Let's start with a swatch of a beautiful holo polish by Layla
Layla Hologram Effect nail polish 07 Ocean Rush

So pretty!
I used 3 coats to make it perfectly opaque.
And here is my anti-Valentine nail art

Killing hearts.
Killed Cupid.
Anti Valentine sign.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine nail art

Hi lovelies,

I'm trying to find a new balance between getting my driving license, having fun with the kids, spending time with my hubby and doing nails.
It's very hard for me because nails are in my blood right now and it feels I have to choose between many things I love.
I came with a (not yet) satisfying solution: I will be doing nails in the hubby likes to sleep kids love that they are free from school and have lots to play nobody really misses me at that time ;D

Meanwhile when I find some extra time I'll be swatching, nail arting and reviewing for you.

Let's start with a swatch of a beautiful Spring color from BeYu.
I totally fell in love with this at the store.
BeYu Long-lasting Nail Lacquer 568


Too bad my camera couldn't catch all the beauty of this polish.
On the swatch it just looks like a beautiful shimmery/pearly pink but in real life the polish has a very iridescent effect.
Like oil effect but then with pink and teal like colors. So so pretty!
I've used 3 coats not really because it needed to but I don't like the tip to see through and two coats was just too sheer for me.
One coat would be pretty for the nude look; subtle pink, subtle shimmer.

I also took a picture of the bottle because you can see a little of the effect in the middle on the image.

For the nail art I used this image as my inspiration:

And this was the outcome:

I'm in desperate need of new nail art brushes.
If you know any good brand and/or webshop where I can get them, please let me know!
I'm looking for a very thin detail brush and am not able to buy from Amazon, eBay or any other which recommends creditcard or PayPal.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pretty Polish gift

With the #sharethelovefest I thought it was a nice thing to do to share also links of my favorite nail related websites and webshops.

Many of my more expensive lacquers come from Pretty Polish.
Beautiful products, good service and fast delivery.

So. I shared her link and asked her if she could share mine back.
She answered me with the words: I can't share links because I'm a webshop and want to keep the page focused on that.
Totally understood this and this would have been fine.
But instead of leaving it like that this totally awesome person decided that she wanted to do something back and send me some products for my blog.
Well...some products turned out to be this:

China Glaze nail art set "It's in the stars" with:
  - 2x China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather (normally it's 1x Liquid Leather and 1x Fairy Dust but I am actually more happy with the black as I use black a lot for my nail arts and never seem to have enough of it)
  - China Glaze 553 Sexy In The City
  - China Glaze 175 Reggae To Riches
  - 10x Sponges
* Seche Vite 25035 Collage Overlay (I think as compensation for the Fairy Dust)
Too much of course but I'm very happy with it! ♥
I decided to make Galaxy nails with this set...mostly following the step by step on the package.
I have some other ideas for this set but that will have to wait for another time.
I started with applying the Liquid Leather.
From all the blacks I've tried so far this is the best. I used two thin coats but it could easy be a one coater.
Here are two swatches (first in artificial light, second in natural light):

According to the step by step you now put two blobs of polish (Sexy In The City and Reggae To Riches) on to a flat surface and take the sponge and sponge the colors on.
First Sexy In The City, second Reggae To Riches.
I didn't change the order but I do think it's a waste of polish to put a blob somewhere.
I simply use the nail polish brush to slightly brush on the sponge (see image).

Sponge carefully on the nail. Make it as crazy as you shaped, area's of sponging, stripe shaped. Just play a bit around. You can always sponge some black back on the nail.
If you wait a bit and then sponge again the color will be brighter.
And the same goes for Reggae To Riches
I don't own China Glaze Fairy Dust but I have a very good dupe which I decided not to use ;P
and one which is even prettier:
Morgan Taylor 50069 Fame Game:
This holographic glitter is somewhat more opaque. Therefore I sponged this polish as well instead of applying it as you would have done with the Fairy Dust.
As finishing touch I applied one coat of Seche Vite Collage Overlay.
Collage Overlay is a clear base filled with large white hex glitters, big prismatic hex glitters and prismatic bar glitters. Fishing for the hexes is needed.
After Seche Vite I also did the clean up.
Do you like my galaxy nails?
I'm still loving the look!
Of course I also wanted to share something new with you guys...
There are so many love quotes with stars that the galaxy nails are just perfect for nailing a Valentine nail art.
"Trying to explain how much I love you, is like trying to count the stars. You can try...but it's impossible."
"If you be my star, I'll be your sky."
"I love you more than all the stars."
"Yes, love can reach to the stars."
"When I look at the stars I think of you."
"Our love...It's written in the stars."
And so on...
It's in the stars: "I love you!"


Thank you very much!