Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 125) Nail art Dutch Liberation Day

On May 4th, we hold "Dodenherdenking" (Remembrance of the Dead) for the people who fought and died during World War II and in wars in general. There are remembrance gatherings all over cities and in the country. Throughout the country, two minutes of silence are observed at 8 p.m.
On May 5th, we celebrate "Bevrijdingsdag" (Liberation Day) to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II. Festivals are held at most places in the Netherlands, with parades of veterans and musical events.

This year we celebrate at home. It's a sunny day.

Lots of time to make a nice nail art for this occasion.

Thumb: National flag (Netherlands) with the word "Freedom"
Index finger: "May 4th"
Middle finger: National logo for this occasion. "Torch of Freedom/Liberation"
Ring finger: "May 5th"
Pinky: An orange pidgeon as a symbol for peace (Peace dove)

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