Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 127) Nail art owls

I see owls everywhere; on clothes, accessories and of course on nail arts.
Does this mean I have to do some too...? YES

When I do a design that's already done I always make sure it's my own.
The owls for today are my own and as far as I've seen it they haven't been done before.
It's not the most simple design of a owl. If you are looking for a simple design I can suggest Google.

Here is the step-by-step of my owl:

Step 1: Make a branch and the body of the owl (with any desired colour)
Step 2: Give the owl some wings (in the same colour as the body)

Step 3: Give the wings some tiny white dots
Step 4: Give the owl feathers (starting at the same height as the bottom of the wings)

Step 5: Give the owl some big white eyes
Step 6: With black you make a slightly smaller circle into the white; this is the pupil. To give the owl some cuteness place 3 eyelashes starting from the pupil

Step 7: Give the eyes some shine by adding a white dot into the pupils
Step 8: Make with black a beak (I'm not sure what it is called in English) between the two eyes and make with white the claws (for a claw I placed 3 stripes beside each other. One half of the claw is going over the body, the other half is going over the branch)


I thought it would be nice to make some kind of panorama nail art with these owl.
Panorama: maybe there's a better name for it (Please let me know if there is!)
In my opinion panorama nail art is a nail art consisting of 4 or 5 nails which tell a story together. You''l have to see the nails together to get the whole story.

My panorama part will be the branch:

The whole branch is shown on the 4 nails. At the end of the branch I added 3 green leaves and 3 pink dots (as a flower or berries)

Now you can choose to place just one owl on the branch or more. I've chosen to do 4 in different colors:

I hope you like it!