Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 148) Summer nails (watercolor technique)

Yes, we finally had two days of summer weather and now we're back at rain again.
But for today it felt like summer.
So, here is an idea for summer nails.


Step 1:
After the basecoat apply a light colour. I used a light yellow one because of its coverage (only 1 coat!)
Catrice Soft Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Candy Shock - C04 Vanilla Love

For the next steps...first a pic of the material used:

  • Tape
  • Konad stamping promotion kit
  • Grip seal bag/ zipper bag
  • Scissors
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - 02 Pimp My Shrimp
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - 27 The Pinky And The Brain
Step 2:
While your base colour is drying, use the tape for covering cuticles and fingers.

Step 3:
Take the scissors and cut the grip seal bag into pieces (bigger than nailsize)
Step 4:
Apply some drops of nail polish (mentioned at material) on to the nail
Step 5:
Take a piece of plastic (from your grip seal bag) and gently place it on your nail. Give it a little push without moving it around. Then remove it again by carefully lifting it up from the nail.

 Step 6:
Remove the tape from your fingers and clean up any mess.
Step 7:
To add some extra 'summer' detail I used the Konad stamping kit for stamping the two butterflies on to the nails.

Bright and lovely, what do you think?

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