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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunset nails

Thanks to +roa' hamouda (who you can find here on Facebook) I have another mani for you :D
She also commented on my "I have some spare time-challenge" post.
Asking me for sunset nails.
I've done some tropical nails in the past which also had a kind of sunset there
but I never got to really focus on the sunset.
Before starting my mani I had to check Google for some inspirational sunset images:
The left image I chose because of the colors.
I love this gradient and decided my gradient had to look like this.
The second image I chose because of the grass.
I prefer a black silhouette though (most easy) but at least my mani had to include some grass.
First step: Making the gradient.
These are the polishes I've used for the gradient:
- Only You White French
- Only You 113 Banana Split
- Kiko 238
- Essence Beauty Beats 01 Baby, baby, ooh!
- Maybelline 650 Midnight Blue
I've used the sponging technique.
And here is my sunset gradient:
Second step: Getting some silhouettes on there.
I've used black acrylic paint and a detail brush 000 to paint them.
As you can see I also added some wild flowers just to make it more me :D
Hope you like it!
By the way if you have ever any request for a nail art. Never hesitate to ask me!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Challenge nail arts

I've been sick for a few days and am finally feeling better today.
I had some spare time to make a nail art but just didn't have any clue what to paint on my nails.
I thought it was a fun idea asking my Facebook followers to comment with an idea.
And then I would take the first one as my challenge for today.
First comment was: glitter tips.
Pff, luckily they didn't come up with some kind of masterpiece that I would have to recreate ;D
I took a look at my glitters and's only Christmas colors.
I finally found my holo purple glitter which is just gorgeous and made my glitter tips.
Of course these tips didn't take that much time.
Luckily for me two other followers commented as well.
Second comment was: Anchor.
Pretty happy with this one as it takes some free hand painting (LOVE) and I could also bring in some blue for Autism Awareness and the Paint It Blue group.
Polishes are:
- Only You White French
- Essence Effect Nail Polish (Jeans Sugar) 07 Blue-jeaned
The Anchor is a free hand design using acrylics.
And the third comment. This was: Galaxy inspired.
This one actually took the most time as I'm a perfectionist and with galaxy you just have to let it go.
Sponging gives the best result. Some blue, some purple, some pink (and green, white and yellow).
Add some glitters, stars, dots.
It's a wonder your nails don't get twice as thick :D
Nevertheless I'm very pleased with how these came out.
I don't have a list of polishes because there are just too many.
Hope you liked my "I have some spare time-challenge" :D

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Simple Easter/Spring nails

For today a look that can work great for Easter and Spring.
Nothing special...just stripes.
Not a steady hand? Tape is your answer!
The design is exactly the same as my couch pillows :D

Polishes used:
- Only You White French
- Only You 113 Banana Split
- Kiko 311 Electric Pink
- China Glaze 1156 Mimosa's Before Mani's
- Bourjois 06 Adora-bleu
- Pink Tease (part of a Pastel set, no name/number)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cute bunny nails

I just love bunnies and they're perfect for coming Easter.
Therefore another bunny nail art.
But first things first.
I got the chance to finally try the last polish I purchased from Big City Nails which is an Indie polish.
Big City Nails - Pearly Pastels
Pearly Pastels is a light pink pearly polish filled with white and pastel glitters in different sizes and shapes (bar glitters, hexes, squares and rounds).
I thought this would make a perfect Spring lacquer.
Hereby my swatch:
Maybe you've read it before but I'm actually not really a fan of these kind of polishes.
Mostly because I don't really know what to do with it.
Should you wear it on its own or as a topcoat/accent?
I'm lost!
Above is on its own with 3 coats and picture taken in shade. 
The glitters (maybe due to travelling and laying around) had sunk towards one side of the bottle.
Shaking didn't really work so I used a cotton swab to swirl everything around.
Application was smooth but the pearly base is a bit streaky and this shows, especially around the larger glitters which makes it look less like a smooth surface (see ring finger for example).
Although the pearly base is very light it does tend to hide the also light pastel glitters.
It's not a bad thing as many crelly, jelly glitter polishes do this.
I have to say that this polish is more beautiful in real life but it is my less favorite purchase of the three.
To make a better opinion of this polish I also tried to top it over something else.
Kiko 311
Kiko 311 is a bright pink with a subtle shimmer.
This is two thin coats and in the sun.
For the nail art I topped Kiko 311 with Pearly Pastels and as accent I free handed the cute girly bunny with acrylics.
As you can see Pearly Pastels also works perfect as a topcoat.
I also love the Kiko 311 peeping around the's an interesting look!

Cute Easter bunnies with velvet

Let's start today with yesterday's mani :D
Having some sick kids around makes it hard to do anything else besides taking care of them.
Therefore Yesterday'mani was a quickie.
Not my best but I still think it's cute :D

I've started with two coats of Bourjois 06 Adora-bleu and applied a topcoat to speed up the drying time.
Then I used the same topcoat as glue for the green velvet making the field. I worked one nail at the time.
Then I used a striper brush and Rimmel 840 Blue Eyed Girl to paint the bunnies and let it dry completely.
Again I took the topcoat, this time making larger dots as glue for the bunny tails which is actually light blue glitter velvet.
I chose blue for Autism Awereness month but if I had to do this mani again I would have used cotton for the bunny tails.
I finished by painting small flowers on the velvet field.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter nails

I'm interrupting my Autism nails for Easter nails.
Easter nails are fun to make and won't be of any use when I post them after April right?
So, I'll probably be doing some Easter nails for the next couple of days.
I'm not sure if today was a good day.
Almost every nail art I've done in the past was with the use of polish only.
Today I finally discovered acrylic paint and I'm not sure if I want to go back to polish anymore.
The benefits:
- No more polishes drying out as they are only used as lacquer
- Unlimited colors cause you can mix the acrylic paint anyway you want
- Cheaper than polishes
- More efficient. You come a far way with a little acrylic paint. When it dries out...simply add some water and it's good to go again.
- Easier to correct. Acrylic paint can be removed with water. When you mess up...wash your hands and you can start all over again.
I knew all of this before but it always felt a bit like cheating...
Artists use acrylic paint; nail artists use polish.
But I'm not sure anymore...
What do you think?
Here are my first Easter nails for this year:
- Bourjois 06 Adora-bleu