Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 124) Elegant nail art

After the handpaintings, nail art material and bright colors it's time for some more modest and elegant nails I think.
This nail art is perfect for a elegant matter, a wedding or just because it reflects your personality.
And...everybody can do it!

1) First I've painted my nails in a pearly white colour

2) Where the tip of your nails starts is called the tipline.
Move the tipline to halfway your nail and paint everything underneath this line with a light pink pearly colour
I used a brush for this but you can also use tipline stencils for it.

3) Now get a silver glitter striper and accent your new 'tipline'

4) As a finishing touch I've added some rhinestones. Teardrop rhinestones. Not only does this make the design more elegant it also looks as if you've made a necklace on your nails. Place them in the middle with the sharp side touching your silver tipline


Good luck en see you tomorrow!