Sunday, March 30, 2014

Butterfly nails

This week's challenge on the Nail Polish Queens community is "Butterfly".
I've been requested to make butterfly nails so this challenge kinda comes as a gift :D
I've started by randomly sponging 4 holo polishes on the nails.
Polishes used:
- BeYu Holographic Nail Lacquer 993
- Catrice Luxury Lacquers Limited Edition HOLOMANIA C03 Holo in One
- Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish 07 Ocean Rush
- Color Club 999 Eternal Beauty
Then I used my detail brush, a trimmed striper brush and dottingtool to make the different butterfly designs.
Polishes used:
- China Glaze 818 Snow
- China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather
As inspiration I've used the Monarch butterfly.
Unfortunately there was so much holo going on there that my camera couldn't catch it while I took about 90 pictures and not one of them showed the true beauty of it all :(
But at least I can enjoy it! ;-P
And this is design I have on my thumb

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Argyle nails

This week's challenge at the NPQ community is Burberry/Tartan/Argyle print.
I chose to go for the Argyle print because I was short on time and this was the easiest IMAO.
I also wanted to keep working with the bright and sweet Summer/Spring colors.
Starting with a white base.
Then used a detail brush to paint the colored diamonds.
Finished using the same detail brush and silver polish to make the crosses.
If you want it to be completely perfect.
(Striping) tape will be your answer!
But I decided to go free hand.
Polishes used:
- China Glaze 818 Snow
- Catrice Luxury Lacquers LE Chameleon C07 Salmon Salmon But Different
- L'Oréal Color Riche 624 Island in the sun
- China Glaze 175 Reggae to riches
- Kiko 268
- Essence Metal Glam 03 Glamour Girls

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring nails


Spring nails


Although we're back at rain again.
We've had some Spring days in the past week.
Time for a Spring nail art!
It's sun I'm wishing for :D

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 818 Snow
- Bourjois 26 Blue no blues
- Kiko 268
- Kiko 311
- Maybelline 250 Deep Violet

Friday, March 21, 2014

Swatches and nail art Kiko Cupcake collection

Kiko is a brand which is very hard to get here in the Netherlands.
Too bad because I think their polishes (and make-up) are nicely priced and of good quality.
So, when I went to Spain to visit my sister I couldn't leave without taking some Kiko polishes with me.
I had seen some swatches of the cupcake collection and well...
I only regret that I couldn't take them all ;D
I only got 4 but they are beautiful and of course I have some swatches for you as well as a nail art.


Kiko Cupcake 650
Kiko Cupcake 652
Kiko Cupcake 653
Kiko Cupcake 655
Aren't they sweet?!
They are perfect for Summer IMAO.
I've been wearing Kiko Cupcake 653 on my toes since my trip (10-03-2014) and it still hasn't chipped!
However these polishes won't last that long on finger nails.
Pictures above all show 2 thin coats.

Nail art

For the nail art I simply chose to stay with the sweetness and name of this collection.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day nail art

Just not enough time to keep up with everything.
Here is my St. Patrick's Day nail art that I've been wearing for the last couple of days.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Swatches, review and wedding nails with Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish 01 Metal Chrome

I can't remember when or where I first saw a swatch of this polish.
Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polish 01 Metal Chrome

But I do remember it awed me.
Never saw a metal nail polish before with this kind of finish.
It was streak-free and foil like.
When I ran into this polish whilst visiting Spain I knew I just had to have it.


The polish comes with a Mirror Effect Base File (for free) which is a buffer file.
Before applying the polish you have to prepare your natural nails with this base file.
Which is of course very understandable because on a smooth and streak-free surface you will see each little nail irregularity (like bumps, ridges etc.).
After filing and washing my hands I applied a basecoat.
I used the same drying time for this as I always do but when I applied "Metal Chrome" I couldn't help but notice that the polish had some reaction with my basecoat.
This wasn't the first time...I noticed the same reaction with holo polishes too.
Trick is to wait much longer before applying or and this is what I did...
'don't apply a basecoat at all'.
Applying the polish is very simular to holo polishes.
You get the best result by taking some more polish on the brush painting the nails with 3 strokes and trying to avoid going over the same polished area.
This polish can get away with only 1 coat but if you do need to apply another coat wait till the first coat is completely dry as it tends to take some of the first coat when painting the second coat.
The polish doesn't apply smooth right away.
But the bottle also says: Wait 30" to obtain a mirror.
And after some time you will see the polish drying into a smooth mirror like surface.
I'm really happy and satisfied with this polish.
As I think other metallic lacquers sometimes have a more rock style look this one is in fact very classy and elegant.



Wedding nails

As inspiration for my nail art I've used some images that I found on Google and had a silver, white, metallic wedding theme.
And here are my wedding nails for this theme

Monday, March 3, 2014

Swatches, review and nail art OPI Brazil Beach Sandies Mini Set

Part of the OPI Spring Collection 2014 is this mini set with sand polishes:
There is only one store in town where I can purchase OPI.
Most of times there aren't any swatches or try-outs available which I find very annoying as a big bottle of OPI sells for €14,25 (19,62 USD) and a mini set costs €18,95 (26,09 USD).
But luckily they did have swatches of this collection...including this mini set.
Swatches in store looked like this:

Looking at the swatches above I immediately fell in love with this mini set.
It totally looks like bright and neonish textured polishes.

Well, I have swatched them for you and here are my swatches:

Samba-dy loves purple

Purple with silver shimmer.
Not as bright as I expected.
Two coats gave good coverage.
Application wise this polish was the worst.
It dried less fast than the others and the texture was best after complete drying time.
Before taking this picture I ruined the top finger and therefore applied a third coat to smooth out the damage. As you can see on the picture the texture didn't really kick in yet on the top finger.
I'm Brazil nuts over you

Coral pink with purple shimmer.
Again not as bright and pink as I expected but nevertheless a beautiful color.
Two coats was enough for good coverage and application was smooth.

What's a little rain forest?

Bright blue with silver shimmer.
Finally a color that met up with my expectations!
Very bright and beautiful.
Application was smooth and it needed two coats for complete opacity.
One coat of basecoat isn't enough to wear under this polish because I did have some staining afterwards. I recommend using at least two coats of a clear or white basecoat.

You're so flippy floppy

Goldish yellow.
Again not as bright as I expected but not bad either for a yellow.
Perhaps on a white base it can totally pop.
I've used two coats for the picture above but I would prefer a third.
Application was smoothly.

Final verdict:
I am a little disappointed with this mini set.
I had hoped for more neon textured polishes...which is about the only textured polishes I'm missing ;D
The colors aren't bad and do fit the Spring/Summer season but aren't neon.
My favorite is 'What's a little rain forest?' (except for the staining that is!).

Of course I also made a nail art with this collection and I decided to keep it tropical :D

Tropical nails:


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mardi Gras/Carnival nails

Only the Southern part of the Netherlands (where I live) celebrates Mardi Gras/Carnival.
Last week the kids already celebrated at school but it officially started on Friday evening.
Each town has its own Mardi Gras name and also has its own way of celebration.
In my town we have a theme. This year it's 'circus'.
Most people dress up (some linked to the theme or our town) and we party (drink, dance, eat, meet with friends, meet new people and just have fun).

Here a picture of Mardi Gras in our town from today:

And here my Mardi Gras nails:


Swatches Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh

Yesterday's post already showed what I think of this limited edition:

"The colors are perfect for Spring/Easter. Lovely pastels and a bright pink.
All the lacquers have a pearly shimmer which makes them even more sweet.
Colorwise this is a very beautiful limited edition.
However I didn't like the consistency of these polishes.
They are creamy (as you would expect from the name "Crème Fresh") but they are so thick that I had trouble to apply an even coat.
Although the polishes got gluey/sticky very fast, drying time was quite long.
Most of the polishes required two thin coats to be opaque and I find it very annoying to not being able to apply the next coat because the previous isn't dry yet."
Hereby the swatches of this limited edition:
C01 The Peach Boys
C02 Make Fast At Tiffany's
C03 Evergreen 60s
C04 Another Pink Panther
C05 Light Your Fire