Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 139) Fancy a picnic?

Untill this afternoon I had no inspiration for today's nail art.
Sitting in the back yard I saw some ants on their journey towards my daughter's drink which she placed thoughtlessly on the ground.
And there it was! Today's nail art has to be an ants nail art.

Step 1) After the basecoat I applied a white nail polish
Step 2) With a black nail art pen I made the body's of the ants
Step 3) With a black striper I made the legs and the ants trace
Step 4) To make the picnic cloth I used striping tape. For each stripe I placed two pieces of striping tape together.
Step 5) Then I painted my thumb nail wit a red nail polish and removed the striping tape.
Step 6) After that I made the ants on the cloth the same way as on the other finger nails.
Step 7) Let it dry and aplly topcoat.

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