Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 135) Abstract magnetic nails

I finally got the Pupa Magnetic nail art kit.
Yes, I know it's not new anymore and it has been reviewed many times before.
The reason why I didn't get it earlier is that I was wondering for a very long time if it is worth the money.
I've been using lowbudget magnetic kits and although they are not great, they are just fine for the few times that I use it. Future plans are to make my own magnets and I do want a good magnetic nail polish for this; this is where Pupa comes in.

First a picture:
These kits are available in many colors, but I got number 31 Magnetic Black (which is on the picture above).
The kit contains a magnetic nail polish en two magnets: one for horizontal stripes and one for diagonal stripes.
I'm not going to do an extensive review about it.
The magnetic nail polish is of high quality and is also great to use without any magnetic interference.
The magnets were another thing:
-The opening for the finger is too small. You can't get your finger in which gives you the feeling that you don't have overall control. But it isn't really a problem, it's just the feeling.
- First use I didn't get a design at all. Too far of the nail. Then I realized that there is a small ditch in the magnet on which you can let your nail rest. This is just the right distance between magnet and nail.
- When the distance to the nail is right the design appears in a few seconds

Of course I wanted to do a nice nail art with this kit and here is the step-by-step:

1) After the basecoat paint your nails in a white colour. Then apply a topcoat.
Let it dry for some time (in my case it 's been 3 hours, but you don't have to wait this long).

2) Apply tape on the sides of the nails leaving a free of tape part in the middle (picture 1). The ring finger is my accent nail on which I simply apllied some different shapes of tape randomly (picture 2).

3) For this step you need to work nail by nail.
Paint your nail with the magnetic nail polish and immediately use a magnet or magnet pen (I used both).
The magnetic nail polish is quick drying. When the polish is dry the magnetic parts can't move around anymore, so that's why you'll have to work fast. On the thumb for example I did some dots and half way the nail I had to apply another layer of polish on that half because it already was too dry!

> Paint your taped nail with the magnetic nail polish

> Make your design with a magnet or magnet pen.
   On this picture: dots with Essence magnet pen (thumb)

> Swirl with Essence magnet pen (accent nail on ring finger)

4) Remove the tape and correct some imperfections
I used a topcoat and afterwards I regret doing this. It makes the magnetic designs less visible.
Maybe I did it too early or maybe you're not supposed to use any topcoat. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Thumb: Dots with Essence magnet pen
Index finger: Tiger print with Essence magnet pen
Middle finger: Diagonal stripes with Pupa magnet
Ring finger: Swirl with Essence magnet pen
Pinky: I did the horizontal stripes with the Pupa magnet but my topcoat completely ruined it. So, I applied some magnetic nail polish again and made some horizontal stripes with Essence magnet pen

This isn't my best nail art for sure, but I do think the overall look is okay.
What do you think?