Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 146) Sparkling love

Today I was looking at some wallpapers for my new laptop.
I think I am in desperate need of some nice weather because I could only look at colorful wallpapers with a lot of neons.
In my search for the 'perfect' wallpaper I found this image:

Not 'perfect' for me as a wallpaper, but it is 'perfect' for today's nail art.
I didn't want to make an exact copy. So I gave it my own touch.

1) As base colour I used a dark blue, sparkling nail polish
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro - 650 Midnight Blue
2) Then I made the outer lines of the hands with a striper brush. I used a neon pink and neon green for this.
3) Because I wanted to paint the heart neon yellow. I had to make a white heart first (My neon yellow is very watery and doesn't show that well on darker backgrounds).
4) From the hands I started to paint some kind of laser beam. I used a sparkly purple nail polish for this.
5) I gave the heart it's neon yellow colour and added some gold fine glitter. Still the heart wasn't oustanding enough (in my opinion). I chose to give it a base colour (dark blue) outline.
6) For the thumb and pinky I simply applied some glitter.

Some sparkling love for my dear followers!
Thank you!

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