Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 365) 365 days of nail art - completed ✅

I can't believe it: I NAILED IT!

When I started my challenge I had big dreams of becoming a famous blogger. Getting free products to review. VIP's that wanted me to paint their nails. Being an inspiration to others. Etc.
Hehehe, dare to dream big right?!
Not much of that came true though :(
I'm still a mom of 4 kids, loving wife, doing housework and...doing 'inspiring' nail art.
But I'm happy with this life! Even more happier and thankful than I've been before.

This challenge has cost and brought me a lot the past year!

The costs:
- It has cost a lot of my precious time (precious time that I could have spent with friends and family)
- It has cost a lot of money (yeah, yeah, ask the hubby)
- It has cost a lot of polishes, removers, brushes, cotton pads, base coats, top coats and many, many other nail and nail art related products (yes, people think I'm running my own business at home)
- I guess the above are the most important but I'm still wondering if this past year has cost me anything health related. I mean: I've been sniffing the polishes and acetone non-stop and maybe the bad influences will only show after time... (I will come back at this when I'm 80 or so or before that when I'm experiencing any withdrawal symptoms)

Now, let's get to the benefits or what it has brought to me:
- It has brought me yellow nails, brittle nails, broken nails, crappy cuticles (oh wait this has to be in the costs list)
- It has brought me a kind of pride.
After a troubling childhood, finishing my education (pregnant), a broken long term relationship, moving around with no goal except parenting, finding new love and being a house wife I felt kind of useless and less worthy.
I wasn't sure about myself anymore or that I could accomplish anything in life.
Finishing this challenge and getting all those beautiful comments has giving me pride.
I'm proud of my deducation, my hard work, my art and the loving person that I am.
- It has brought me ME-time. When I'm making a nail art I feel totally relaxed and forget about all the rest.
- It has brought awards (Versatile, Liebster), articles, guest posts, reviews and even winning a give-away.
- But the most important thing it has brought to me, is YOU! Or in other word: LOVE.
I didn't expect to get so much love. It doesn't matter if you are a silent reader or a commenter.
I feel really loved to have so much views, shares and comments on my work.
Some of you have been there with me all the time, others just joined in recently but without you it wouldn't have been any fun.
There is no bigger compliment in the world than people loving the thing that you love to do.
I even found some real friendships!
I also found a lot of love from my dear ones; my mother shared my pictures each and every day on her Facebook. My hubby gave me strength when I felt weak and wanted to quit, he also settled for less quality time with me as goes the same for my children ("Mommy, you have to work now right?!" "I know what mommy wants for her birthday: polish!") Hahaha, aren't they the cutest!
But for real:

Without YOU I wouldn't have finished my challenge!
Now for the challenge.
It will only be completed when I show you today's nail art (on my natural nails).
The design I had in mind is about my love for what I do and then I felt really sad that I would only have the pictures to look back at and maybe a few days of pleasure while wearing it.
I needed it to be around me longer so I can enjoy and look back at this beautiful experience for a longer time. And I found a solution I can live with.
Here is today's nail art:

And here is my end project (that I can keep, cherish and proudly wear):

Thank you for everything!
Happy New Year to all!
And that all your dreams may come true!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 363) 2014 Glitter nails

Can't end the year without some glitter/bling!
This week's challenge on NPQ is "Sparkle 2014 nails".

Well, I thought that's a nice challenge to do some 'easy' New Year nails right?

I started with two coats of Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Feathers & Pearls C05 Running Wild.
It's a black polish with silver glitter. The silver glitter is VERY subtle...kinda hard to see!
However, I used the second coat as glue for Catrice Limited Edition Feathers & Pearls C02 Nail Sequins.
This is a mix of black micro glitter and black hexagons.
I just put my wet nail in the small container.
First trouble: The hexagons are bigger than micro glitter and it just doesn't perfectly fit the nail. To get a cleaner look you'll have to remove some hexagons or push them back on the nail...not hard, just annoying :D
I wanted to put on a topcoat for a somewhat more even surface...that's a NO! It smoothed out the whole thing as a subtle texture polish.
Luckily I only had to redo one nail.
The Nail Sequins however are perfect for any party!
To put extra attention to the 'sparkle' and '2014' part I wanted to add my favo purple holo glitter. Using a topcoat for glue.
This is where the other troubles came:
- The sequins are too textured to be able to paint on them (at least it's hard to paint clean which is kinda my thing)
- It's hard to see the topcoat on the black, textured base so you don't really see what you are doing.
I had to paint the numbers by parts in spite of the complete number as I would usually do.

Nevertheless, not quite so easy, not quite so clean but they do SPARKLE :D

Artificial light

Natural light

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 362) Fireworks nail art

Not so unique but it is beautiful and quite easy to achieve.

Use a dark background (black, dark blue, matte, glossy, sand, glitter)
Use bright colors to paint the fireworks.
The fireworks look can be achieved with dots and lines placed in a circle, umbrella shape, opening flower shape or like rain.
It doesn't really matter what you do. This time a year using a dark background+bright colors makes everyone think about fireworks immediately. So, just have fun with it!

Here are some swatches of my background color.
Rimmel London Space dust 005 Total Eclipse

"Total Eclipse" is a black based polish with teal glitters that light up in artificial light (pictures above).
It dries quick and like a textured polish. Two coats is enough for good coverage.
In natural light the polish looks like this:

To make the bright colors of fireworks pop extra I've used a white polish first.
Here is my nail art without and with topcoat. In the picture without looks better I think but in real life the topcoat made the colors more bright and therefore prettier.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 361) New Year nails champagne

New Year has to start with a popping bottle of champagne!
I'm not really a fan of expensive champagne but I do love sparkling wine (the cheaper version) and some have a cork so we can still pop it ;D

Here are my champagne nails.
All free handed except for the ring finger nail; this is a water decal.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 360) 2014 Fireworks rockets

I'm planning to do a fireworks nail art later.
So fo today I chose to do a more abstract versio of rockets (fireworks).

I started with a nail art brush and white polish to make the outlines of the arrows.
This doesn't need to be perfect yet. But this way you can make sure the arrows run nice over all the nails.
Then I colored the arrows in with the same white.
After this I took a black polish to paint the rest of the nail.
Black goes easy over white so the black is used to make the arrows perfect.
Last I gave the arrows some different colors.
The white background makes them pop even more and if there is still some white on the outsides it gives the arrows a NEON lights effect.

Polishes used:
- Only You White French
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 39 Black To The Routes
- Bourjois 06 Adora-bleu
- Casuelle Neon nailpolish yellow
- Casuelle Neon nailpolish pink
- Bourjois 27 Green fizz

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 359) 2014 Christmas ornaments

Today I've started with the New Year nails.
I didn't want the transition between Christmas and New Year being too big.
The Netherlands still has a second Christmas Day (Dec. 26th).
Therefore my first 2014 nail art consists of Christmas ornaments saying 2014.
This kind of design can be found on many Christmas cards as well wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

I've started with applying transfer foil (silver, different designs) on my nails.
Then I took a dark red polish to paint my nails, leaving 4 open circles (the ornaments).
After that I took a gold polish for the top of the ornaments and ribbon).
I finished by painting some pine branches with a dark green polish.
I didn't put on a topcoat because I didn't want to ruin the transfer foil and I liked the texture of the branches.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 358) Easy Christmas nails

Hi all,

In exactly half an hour my family comes over for a Christmas party.
Not much time to blog or make a nail art today.
Therefore I kept it really simple.

On the index finger, middle finger and pinky:
- China Glaze 1252 Just Be-Claws
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Topper

On the accent nail (ring finger):
- China Glaze 1117 Angel Wings
- Water decal Santa

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 356) Merry Christmas

Maybe just a few more Christmas nail arts and then I'll be doing New Years nail arts.
Counting down now...almost reaching my GOAL and achieving my wonderful challenge!
Hopefully you'll be there with me on the 31st!

Thank you so much for following!

But first things first. Here is another "Merry Christmas" nail art

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 1261 This Is Tree-Mendous
- Rimmel Salon Pro 323 Riviera Red
- Only You White French
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 39 Black To The Routes

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 355) Christmas nails with subtle 3D

This week's challenge is "3D Chrismas nails".

Although I like the 3D accessories on others, it's not really my thing.
I keep touching it and within a few minutes my mani is already ruined.

In the Netherlands we also have a saying: When you're acting normal, you're already acting weird enough.
Which means that over the top bling is considered to be more trashy than classy.
Not that I care :D but like I said it's just not really my thing...practical wise.

Therefore I've made some Christmas nails with subtle 3D

Thumb: Candy striped nail with nail piercing (star)
Index: Rudolph with rednose rhinestone
Middle: Christmas tree created with striping tape, star stud and beads (caviar)
Ring: Christmas wreath created with green velvet (flocking powder), beads and fabric bow
Pinky: Santa hat created with red velvet and rhinestone. Above Christmas lights with rhinestones.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 354) Easy Christmas nails

Who says creating something a bit more special for Christmas needs to be hard?
Not me ;D
Especially towards the holidays you can get craft stuff for Christmas at many stores.
Products like glitters, flitters, stars, mini snowmen, stickers etc.
All you got to do is look with a creative eye and as long as it fits the nail it will be fine.

Today I created some nails with these kind of products.
Paint your nails in the same or other color and use the wet polish as glue for your accessories.
Additionally: Add a topcoat.

Artificial light
Natural light

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 353) Nail art Christmas Angel

Today just a quick post of my nail art.
Polishes I used:
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 39 Black To The Routes (base and lines angel)
- Only You White French (angel wings, dress and stars)
- Claire's 60484 Glitter Pink/Purple (sides dress, sky)
- Essie Beyond Cozy (dress, crown, sky)
- Professional Cosmetics nr. 11 (angel hair)
- Essence Me & My Ice Cream 04 Icylicious (skin angel)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 352) Reindeer nail art

This nail art isn't actually so hard as it looks.
Silhouettes are much easier to paint than full detail images.

Polishes used:
- Rimmel Salon Pro 323 Riviera Red
- Claire's 60553 White
- Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 720 Green Miracle

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 351) Star jelly sandwich nails

I saw this technique before with some glitter shapes and it just looked like the jelly polishes you can buy that have already glitters in them.
Although it looked like a cheaper alternative to buying a jelly glitter polish it didn't really catch my attention.
But a few days ago I saw this beautiful tutorial by Denise Heavner
She used stamps between the layers of jelly polish and this had to be something I needed to try as well.

First problem:
I have only 3 tiny stamping plates with designs that just don't fit this time a year.
But after some consideration I thought the star would be best.
Second problem:
I don't own any jelly polishes.
In my head: Everything that doesn't cover within 3 layers is a waste of money.
But after taking a good look at my stash I did find an apple green glitter polish that doesn't cover at all: Actuelle 472 Perolado

- Jelly polish (or not opaque polish)
- Stamping plate
- Stamping polish
This design is with stamping but you could also put glitters, flitters, handpainted nail art, decals etc. between the layers.

Stap 1:
After the basecoat apply one layer of your jelly polish.
To speed up the drying time I've used a topcoat on each layer of jelly.
Step 2:
Stamp some designs on your nails (you can use different designs, different colors, just as you please).
I started with white stars.
Step 3:
Apply another layer of your jelly.
Step 4:
Again stamp some designs.
This time I stamped red stars.
Step 5:
Apply another layer of jelly.

Depending on the sandwich effect you please or how thick your jelly is, you can either stop with 2 times stamping or go for more.

I've decided to do another layer.
Step 6:
Stamp some designs.
I've stamped gold smaller stars. However in the picture this doesn't show but in real life the gold stars are shown as well.
Step 7:
Apply the finishing layer of jelly and a topcoat to protect the whole thing.

Because of the many layers and the many layers of topcoat I already had some shrinkage at the tips.

Good luck! The effect is amazing!
Here is my outcome:

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 350) Mickey Mouse Christmas nail art

Day 350!
I can't believe I'm almost there!
Only 15 days left and although I know these days will fly by it feels real heavy.
Not only because it's going to be hard to fit those nail arts in my busy days but also because it's the end and it already feels a bit like a goodbye.
I know I will still be around but I promised my dear ones to take a break and I really have to keep this promise.

Saving the tears for later ;D
Here is today's nail art. Inspired by an image I found on the Internet.

Have a Merry Mickey Christmas

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 349) Easy Christmas nails

For today an easy nail art.

- Golden polish
- Matte topcoat
- Nail art brush
- Red glitter
- Green glitter
- Brush
- Squared rhinestone

Step 1:
Start with applying the golden polish: Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Feathers & Pearls C02 - Golden Twenties

Step 2:
Apply matte topcoat (of course you can skip this step): China Glaze Matte Magic

Step 3:
Make sure that everything is dry.
Use a nail art brush and (matte) topcoat to create your glitter area; the topcoat is for glue.
Drop some red glitter on the nail and remove excess with a brush.

Step 4:
I already like it! Option is to keep it like this.
Again use the nail art brush and topcoat to create your next glitter area. Apply the green glitter and remove excess with the brush.

Step 5:
Apply a little dot of topcoat at the centre point of both glitters and apply a (squared) rhinestone.
Have fun!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 348) Little drummer boy nail art

This week's challenge is "Christmas songs".

First a little story again:
My parents had their own store and worked like 6 and a half days a week.
The whole month of December was a crazy period; my birthday, Sinterklaas, Christmas, my parents their birthday, ice skating, fireworks, New Year, accounting etc.
But Christmas time (which is for the Netherlands on the 25th and 26th) was for the family.
Two days of no work, presents, playing family games, watching Christmas movies and going to church.
I guess this is why I'm still loving this time a year: family time, showing each other your love, feeling some kind of inner piece.

What was I going to tell?
Oh yeah, my mother sings in a church choir and at Christmas time they sing Christmas songs in church. Some only with the choir, some with all the people.
I enjoyed going to church with Christmas time. That huge Christmas tree in the centre, all the big candles, the beautiful windows, the harmony between the people and singing songs together.
I then fell totaly in love with "THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY" (Carol of the drum).
Pa rum pum pum pum

When the choir sings, it looks a lot like this version above.
I love it so much! Also the story behind it and the lesson people can learn.

I wanted to honor this story and this song and the best memories it has given me by making a lovely nail art.
This has been quite a challenge and it took me about 3 hours to make it. I'm not good at painting human beings.
All that time I've been listening to this song and other Christmas songs ♥ (There is a 3 hour playlist of Christmas songs on YouTube!).

Hope you love this nail art as much as I do!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 347) Easy Christmas tree nail designs

Main goal for today:
Swatch my Birthday polish :D

Morgan Taylor - Make a Statement
"Make a Statement" is a light purple glitter polish.
A clear base filled with purple micro glitter and purple and dark purple round glitters.
The camera really had trouble catching all the beauty of this polish. Second image shows a better look of the color but is still too dark.
This polish is great to top over another polish (1 coat) or to wear opaque (3 coats, images above).
The polish dries like a liquid sand; fast, matte and with texture.
Because of the texture it is hard to nail art. Therefore simple Christmas tree designs.
I've used a pearly white polish (Pupa) to paint the Christmas trees.
I thought the nail art was already ok but still I went to give it a finishing touch with reddish pink ornaments (Essence Sparkle Sand Effect - 156 Me & My Lover).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 346) Hello Kitty Winter nail art

Almost at the end of my challenge, at the end of the year and this is actually going to be my first Hello Kitty nail art.
This is unbelievable because I think that Hello Kitty is one of the most painted figures on nails.

Today I have a Hello Kitty ice princess for you.
I was inspired by a Hello Kitty Winter wallpaper.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 345) Nail art Christmas gift

For today's nail art my inspiration was "Christmas gifts".

The middle finger, ring finger and pinky have a gift ribbon design. At the crossing of the ribbons I've painted a poinsettia.

The index is my favorite.
As inspiration I've used a cut-paper work design (cut art).
It existed of two pieces of paper, different color. One is used as base, the other is used for cutting.
The cut paper design then is placed on top of the other paper, making it somewhat 3D. Sometimes 3D pieces are also applied to increase the effect.

I used almost the same design as I've seen, but sized to finger nail and a little simplified.
This is all hand painted and perhaps you think you'll never be able to do this.
Well, I thought about that and came to the idea that you could stamp on your base first and only have to paint the outlines and cross of the gift or just a cross if you're making a window.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 344) Easy Christmas nail art

Let me tell you a story :D
This morning, after bringing the kids to school, my hubby and I were on a quest of finding a new Christmas tree.
We've had a fake Christmas tree for years now and the top had broken off which we fixed last year with the tube of the vacuum cleaner :-/
This year I didn't want to do that trick again.
Of course at the first store we saw a beautiful tree with led lights and nicely priced.
But...my hubby had seen an advertisement of an other store with a cheaper tree.
We went there and the tree was ugly (and this is an understatement).
No time left, so back to school to pick up the kids. They have their lunch at home and then have to go to school again.
After bringing the kids again we went back to the first store and guess what....yeah, all sold out grrrrrrrr.
Not only is my broken tree up again, I had to refurbish, refurnish and redocorate my complete living room (duh, I'm a woman :D)
Well, that's why I'm late today but you'll forgive me right?!

Today an easy nail art.
I actually wanted gold glitter on red matte but my gold glitter isn't fine enough.
But I do think this is prettier. So, if you decide to do this and you do have the needed products...go with this combination.

Here is my version:
After the basecoat apply a gold polish (opaque)
After a little drying time apply a matte topcoat.
This needs to be completely dry otherwise your glitter is everywhere.
Then take a striper brush, topcoat and red glitter (this is what I've used) or a glitter nail art pen or even a glitter striper.
With the striper brush and topcoat I've made a horizontal line across the nail, applied the red glitter and went to the next nail.
After each line, take a brush and remove any extra. Then make a second line, glitter and remove surplus and so on till you're pleased with the look.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 343) Candy canes and mistletoe

I wanted to do another nail art for the "candy striped" challenge.
This time using real candy colors; neon.
But as I'm doing many Christmas nail arts this month I decided it needed a touch of Christmas as well.
FAILURE of course.
Neon and Christmas colors: such a lovely match hahaha.
Oh well, after I took a good look at these tropical Christmas nails, I've decided to replace the neon with silver.

Of course I want to share the fun with you. Here is the neon version:

I sponged the neons on a white base. Then I took a striper brush and white polish to make the stripes.
On the accent you see 2 candy canes making a heart shape. Within the heart you can find the mistletoe.

And here is the better, silver version ;D

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 341) Simple Christmas nail art

My parents came over for a surprise weekend :D
If you were wondering where I am, I am spending quality time with them...and doing my mother her nails of course ;D

For today a simple Christmas nail art.

Step 1: After the basecoat apply a white polish:
Claire's 60553 White

Step 2: Apply glitter polish over the white. Just one half on the ring finger nail:
Claire's 60731 Fabulous
"Fabulous" is a perfect glitter for Christmas. It's a clear base filled with red and gold micro glitter, squared gold glitter and purple hexagons. I'm not sure if I can get it opaque that's why I've layered it over white.

Step 3: On the other half of the ring finger nail I've applied silver/holo glitter but if I had to do it all over again I would just keep it white because it doesn't really add anything.
Morgan Taylor 50069 Fame Game

Step 4: Use a nail art brush/striper to paint 3 lines on the lightest half and end the lines with 3 big dots/balls; Christmas balls.
I've used a purple polish for the Christmas balls to link back to the hexagons.
Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 800 Heavy Metallilac

Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 340) Abstract Christmas nail art

For today an abstract Christmas design.
I thought it would be too much for all the nails but just perfect as an accent nail.

As base color I used the following polish:

China Glaze 1117 Angel Wings
"Angel Wings" is a gold glitter polish with a lot of holographic glitter in it.
It dries to a matte finish (first picture) which is very helpful. Not only does it dry very quickly it also makes it easy to apply a next coat.
This comes in handy because this polish needs 3 thin coats to be opaque.
A topcoat makes it more shiny and it seems to do the colors more justice.
The camera had trouble to catch all the beautiful Sparks but believe me when I say "It is beautiful and full of holographic parts".
Only disadventage is: it needs a certain light to sparkle. Otherwise it's just a 'plain' gold glitter.

For the nail art I was inspired by Mondriaan (a Dutch painter). His work consisted of a white ground on which he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors.
Instead of the white background and primary colors I've used Christmas colors.

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 1117 Angel Wings
- China Glaze 1252 Just Be-Claws
- Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 720 Green Miracle
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 39 Black To The Routes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 339) Candy stripe nail art Christmas

This week's challenge is 'Candy stripe'.
Candy stripe is of course perfect for Christmas and I've made some different designs for you:

Besides the white (which is from Claire's) I've used:
- China Glaze 1252 Just Be-Claws
- Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color 907 Electric Emerald
Index: Candy
Middle: One half candy stripes. Other half green and white water marble+pine tree and holly leaves
Ring: Candy cane
Pinky: Candy striped outline

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 338) Nail art winter landscape

I had a fabulous Birthday yesterday and all the sweet comments topped it all; THANK YOU!

Back to winter and Christmas.

For today's nail art I've used a Morgan Taylor polish as base.
I didn't even know about this brand until I saw it on a webshop.
After looking at some swatches from other people I got 3 different bottles :D
They sell about the same price as China Glaze and the bottle shows some simularities to the ones of OPI (size and look).
Quality wise these polishes sure can compete with other big brands!

Here's a swatch of Morgan Taylor Under the Stars:

"Under the Stars" is a navy blue jelly with holographic glitters.
I thought being a jelly and all that this would take at least 3 layers, but 2 coats was just perfect.
There is a great amount of glitters in there and because of this you don't have to 'fish'.
A big part of the holographic glitters gets buried in and under the jelly base but inspite of being disappointed this creates depth and really makes this polish look like a starry night sky.
It dries quickly and a little bumpy because of all the glitters...nothing a topcoat can't fix :D (picture abobe is with 1 coat of Seche Vite)
For the nail art I used a nail art brush and Pupa P249 115 (pearly white polish) to create a winter landscape with pine trees, snowman, star and snow.
I finished by dipping the tips of the nails in a snow powder glitter (white+holo).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 337) It's my B-day :D

Today is my Birthday!
I actually wanted to give myself a day off :D
But this freaking challenge won't let me...;P
I did go for an easy look though.
Purple holo glitter gradient (which sums up all the things I love)
And some stamping (easy)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 336) Easy velvet Christmas nails

For today a Christmas nail art everybody can do.

And we are going to use velvet/flocking powder:

- Green velvet
- Red velvet (Essence effect nails)

To make the list complete, here are some other materials you might need:

- Seche Vite (or any other clear polish, topcoat, basecoat)

- Nail art brush

- Brush

- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 08 Goldbusters
- China Glaze 1252 Just Be-Claws
- Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 720 Green Miracle

To shorten time I mostly don't use nail polish as base. I directly put the velvet on the nail using topcoat for glue.

Benefits for using nail polish as underground are:
- You have a design to go by
- If the velvet didn't stuck well at any place it won't show that good (if you use simular colors that is).

Step 1: I've started with the nail art brush and polishes to make my Christmas designs (Christmas tree, star, chevron, gift/present). Let the polish dry completely before you go ahead with the next steps.
This way you see the look that I'm aiming for (the red and green will get velvet in the next steps)

Step 2: Use the same nail art brush to apply topcoat on a figure.
Work the nail in steps (don't try to do it all in once). Also, if the topcoat already dried too much it won't catch any velvet. Big figures can be devided in steps as well.
And, make it easy for yourself!...For example on the index it's smart to start with the Christmas tree, middle-star, ring-red chevron, pinky-gift bow.
Get some velvet with your fingers or tweezers and apply it on the WET topcoat. Use something underneath (paper) to catch any surplus. Use the brush to wipe away excess velvet powder.
Now, this design could just as well be the end look (if you prefer).

Step 3: However, I wanted to be everything in velvet (except the gold part).
I repeated step 2 but this time applying the topcoat on the other parts.

Step 4: It's all optional of course but I finished the design with some details :D
Using the same nail art brush to apply topcoat for glue.

+ Star stud
+ Round rhinestones
+ Fabric bow