Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 138) Nail art with Max & More Nail stickers

I'm not a big fan of nail stickers.
My nails are pretty round and nail stickers are flat which in most cases means that they don't fit very well.
But I only had 15 minutes for today's nail art so nail stickers are the easiest thing.
I do have a way of using them without the worry of fitting and the outcome is even better than using them in the way that you are supposed to use them (in my opinion).

The nail stickers of today are from the brand Max & More which is the house brand of the Action store (a discount store).

The package contains 14 pieces and 7 different nail sizes.
It's a transparent sticker with shiny gradient dots on it. The stickers aren't smooth but do have some texture on it - a little like snakeskin.

In today's nail art I want to show you how you can take advantage of the transparency and texture of these nailstickers.


Pink nail polish as background.
Cut nail sticker.

Index finger:

Silver glitter nail polish as background.
Cut nail sticker.

Middle finger:

Purple nail polish as background.
Cut nail sticker into heart shape.

On the nails I used nail polish colors simular to the ones on the nailstickers.

Ring finger:

On the ring finger I used the nailsticker the way you're supposed to. The arrows indicate where the gabs are. After trying really hard, this was the best outcome with only two gabs. One nail - no problem! Ten nails - Arggg!

On the pinky I used the texture in my advantage. I cut a piece of nail sticker and placed it on the nail. Then I painted one coat of a pink nail polish (I chose a nail polish which only needs one coat for good covering). The picture doesn't show that well but in real life you still have a little colour changing on there and the texture gives it a really snakeskin look.

And this is the total look:
Nail art nail stickers

I think they turned out great in less than 15 minutes!
Time for a night out!

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