Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 122) Water spotted nail art with perfume

I came along this nail art and I just have to share it with everybody!
It's easy and it looks fantastic!

I saw some YouTube tutorials about it and I've seen people doing it with hairspray and sanitizer spray. I tried both but it didn't work for me. It either made too big spots or it clotted together as a sticky black mess.
After several times of trying my eye catched a perfume sample and I thought: "Let's give it a try maybe that will work". And it works!!!

- Bright colors nail polish (at least 3)
- Black nail polish
- (Tape)
- A cup or something which you can use for water marbling
- Perfume (perfect way for using the samples or perfume you didn't like or use the one owned by
  your signifant other ;-D )
- Nail polish remover


1) Paint your nails with the bright colors.

I used pink, yellow, blue and orange to devide the nail in 4 parts and then added some purple.
I did use a topcoat (for the picture) but I don't think this is necessary yet.
If your cuticles are a mess right now don't clean up you'll have to do that later on anyway.
Let the nail polish dry.

2) Use the tape on your fingers if you want to decrease the cleaning later on.

3) Fill your cup with slightly warm water from the tap.

4) Drop the black nail polish on the surface of the water: 3 or 4 drops should be enough.

The nail polish has to spread on the surface. If it doesn't you either have to adjust the temperature of the water or get a newer polish.

5) Spray your perfume on the surface of the water. Start a little high with spraying and wait a few
     seconds to see if there is a reaction.
    If not. Get a little closer and try again. A max of two sprays should be enough for a nice spotted

6) Choose the spotted area you like and dip your nail on it (flat)
    Then move the finger slowly forwards in the water.
    Use a toothpick or something to remove the excess polish from te water (around your finger).
    And carefully lift your finger out of the water.

After each nail dip there will still be some perfume left on the surface of the water. Therefore I recommend that you clean your cup after each nail dip. You don't want the reaction with the black nail polish as soon as you drop it on te water but after spraying.
By cleaning I mean putting the cup under the running tap for a few seconds.

If you finished all your nails this will be the look you'll have:

Note: When you spray once you'll have smaller dots but I wanted the bright colors to have the lead not the black.

7) Remove the tape and clean your skin and cuticles with the remover.
    Wait for the nail polish to dry and finish it with a topcoat.

I love it! These are hot summer nails

Let me know if you ever tried it or going to try this.
What did you use?
Did it came out the way you wanted?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I agree. Credits for the one who came up with it!

  2. I did not know you could use perfume for this look! Thanks for sharing that. I will have to give this look a try now for sure. :-)

    1. You're welcome!! It's so easy and perfume works just fine! Let me know how it turned out!

  3. i could try this finally ! amazing look !