Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 131) Velvet nails neon

Today was a busy day and I'm so tired.
The last thing that I want to think about are my nails.
But a challenge is a challenge and I don't like to give up!

However, I did choose to do a simple nail art.
Something that's easy to do and doesn't need much explanation.
So, I took out the velvet again.

The velvet I have is in neon colors and also has a fine glitter. Perfect for summer I think.
The colors I used are:
-Neon pink
-Neon blue
-Neon orange
-Neon green

One nail is in pink, one in blue, one in orange and one in green. I chose to do an accent nail on the ring finger with the 4 colors combined into a flower.
As glue for the velvet I use a cheap topcoat. For the flower I used a dottingtool to apply the topcoat.

Instructions for velvet nails are very simple:
* It's recommended to paint your nails in the same colour as your velvet. When you don't hit every spot of the nail it doesn't show that well.
I have to admit I used a light yellow colour as my base. You can tell this isn't the same as my neons but I didn't want to have the extra work of painting my nails in different colors.
* Use the wet nail polish as a glue or apply a clear coat for glue
* Apply the velvet. Just drop it on the nail and remove the surplus velvet by blowing or careful brushing

When you're combining colors on one nail. Work with one colour at the time.

See you tomorrow hopefully with more energy!

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