Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Swatches and review Catrice Limited Edition Haute Future

Catrice recently came out with a new limited edition called "Haute Future".
Catrice: "Future of Fashion. The latest designs are futuristic, edgy and straight. Reflecting surfaces, holographic materials and metallic elements bring the future into the present. A powerful digital look fulfils the highest couture demands and is eccentric as well as energising. The new limited edition Haute Future by Catrice offers the matching beauty products for this visionary look."
This limited edition presents 5 new nail lacquers and a special topcoat:


C01 Eletrix Blue
Picture taken with natural light.
Two coats.
Eletrix Blue is a greyish blue holographic polish.
When applying it looks like a shattered holo but after two coats and placed in the right light you will see a subtle linear holo.
For a low budget brand not that bad for a holo. But I think they can do better ;-D
Big plus is that it applies moch more easy than stronger holo's; drying fast, two coats and the second coat won't take any of the first coat with it...like some other holo's can do.
C02 Never Green Before
Natural light.
Two coats.
Never green before exists (after taking a very very close look) out of a blue polish filled with plum micro micro glitter and light green micro glitter. Very high pigmented.
The finishing look shows only blue and green, making it more of a teal color.
I would describe this polish as a shimmery/glittery duochrome.
C03 iROSEdescent
Natural light.
Two coats.
I had some trouble to get this polish decent on picture.
iROSEdescent is very simular to Eletrix Blue.
Everything I mentioned for Eletrix Blue goes for this polish as well.
iROSEdescent is a greyish pink better to describe as dusky/old/antique pink.
Natural light.
Two coats.
I find it very hard to describe this polish.
In the bottle it looks like an iridescent polish but on the nails it looks more like a pearly lavender.
Shifting a bit from lilac/lavender to light pink, in certain light even to a bit of bronze/gold.
After two coats there is still some tip see through but I'm not sure if more coats will take this away.
It's meant to be light and feminine.
C05 Gem Into The Future
Natural light.
Two coats.
Gem Into The Future is a silver holographic polish filled with small iridescent/holographic flakes (the gems).
For the holographic part I would point back to the previous holo's from this edition.
The gems (flakes) look so great in the bottle; unique and beautiful combo.
However only when you take a very close look at your nails you're will be able to see them.
In direct light the holo part will take over the gem part.
In the shade the flakes or better seen because there's no holo. But I still think the flakes look best with some light as well.
C01 Holo Is The New Yolo (Holographic Flakes Topcoat)
Base colors from left to right:
- China Glaze 1088 Splish Splash
- Kiko 311
- China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather
- Only You White French
Picture taken in artificial light.
One coat of Holo Is The New Yolo.
Holo Is The New Yolo is a clear base filled with different sizes of holographic flakes.
As I remember this is at least the third simular topcoat that Catrice brings with the flakes.
I experienced that the base color needs to be completely dry otherwise this topcoat will take some of it with it.
The surface is not smooth and will need a topcoat to flatten.
More coats means more flakes and I did find that it sometimes needed some placement of the flakes. Especially when the brush releases some more flakes at the same time: they tend to stick together.


Application is easy and smooth except from the Holographic Flakes Topcoat.
Two coats are enough for being opaque which is good.
The holo's aren't that in your face but they're there.
In my opinion this limited edition isn't that special.
Catrice already made some simular holo's with their Luxury Lacquers and I'm pretty sure I've seen some simulars too of the GaLILACxy and flakes topper.
My personal winners are:
- C02 Never Green Before
- C05 Gem Into The Future
Reasons: They are the most unique and are gorgeous in both light and shade.
Gem Into The Future could have easily been the best if the gems had shown more on the nails.
Verdict: This limited Edition is okay but besides C02 Never Green Before, nothing I would run for.
Of course it all depends on personal taste and stash.
I still think Catrice offers a very nice range of products for a very nice price and tries to be up to date as well as bringing enthusiasm to those who aren't in the beauty/nail scene like most of us bloggers.
Thumbs up for Catrice!


  1. hello dear friend !
    CO2 is stunning! that is my favor ! bottle design is very nice ! and C05 :-)
    ah , we have same choice !have a lovely evening !

    1. Thanks dear!
      Most people like C02 because it was already sold out evrywhere yesterday :D
      But I have one hehehe
      Love yah

  2. Great review. I'll probably never see these in the states but I do like the Never Green Before.

    1. Dear Teresa
      You know I can always send you anything you like :D

  3. no,no ..I cannot choose the most beautiful- all of them are so pretty. Great review my dear! take care Margriet :)