Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunset nails

Thanks to +roa' hamouda (who you can find here on Facebook) I have another mani for you :D
She also commented on my "I have some spare time-challenge" post.
Asking me for sunset nails.
I've done some tropical nails in the past which also had a kind of sunset there
but I never got to really focus on the sunset.
Before starting my mani I had to check Google for some inspirational sunset images:
The left image I chose because of the colors.
I love this gradient and decided my gradient had to look like this.
The second image I chose because of the grass.
I prefer a black silhouette though (most easy) but at least my mani had to include some grass.
First step: Making the gradient.
These are the polishes I've used for the gradient:
- Only You White French
- Only You 113 Banana Split
- Kiko 238
- Essence Beauty Beats 01 Baby, baby, ooh!
- Maybelline 650 Midnight Blue
I've used the sponging technique.
And here is my sunset gradient:
Second step: Getting some silhouettes on there.
I've used black acrylic paint and a detail brush 000 to paint them.
As you can see I also added some wild flowers just to make it more me :D
Hope you like it!
By the way if you have ever any request for a nail art. Never hesitate to ask me!


  1. beauty shine it ! sunset nails are always my favor ! i am sunny child
    and you worm my hear dear !

    1. Thanks dear.
      Maybe some day we can see a sunset together when we visit each other ;D

    2. oooops ! my heart! but you did understand me :-)
      thanks dear ! who knows !..

  2. Well, this is beautiful and perfect for the Earth Day spirit.

    1. I hadn't even thought of that. It would have been suited for Earth Day. Thanks. Glad you like it!

  3. hii, it's so nice to see you creating beautiful and unique nail arts as usual!! How have you been? i wanted to show my new blog, it's more about me and my personality, can you visit it please. thankss much love xoxxx

    1. Hi friend,

      How are you?
      Nice to have you visit me :D
      I had a look at your there anyway to follow without joining tumblr.....toooooooo many social media's :(

  4. oh my! Wow, this is amazing:) Love it!:)

  5. The gradient for this is just beautiful. Then I see your finished design and wow just amazing :) x

  6. What a marvelous view! I love this sunset scene you painted. And the final look is just breathtaking! Flawless masterpiece! Loveeeee it! ♥

  7. This would also be great as a Serengeti nail with giraffes!

    1. Indeed! But I'm just not so good with painting animals ;D