Sunday, April 20, 2014

Challenge nail arts

I've been sick for a few days and am finally feeling better today.
I had some spare time to make a nail art but just didn't have any clue what to paint on my nails.
I thought it was a fun idea asking my Facebook followers to comment with an idea.
And then I would take the first one as my challenge for today.
First comment was: glitter tips.
Pff, luckily they didn't come up with some kind of masterpiece that I would have to recreate ;D
I took a look at my glitters and's only Christmas colors.
I finally found my holo purple glitter which is just gorgeous and made my glitter tips.
Of course these tips didn't take that much time.
Luckily for me two other followers commented as well.
Second comment was: Anchor.
Pretty happy with this one as it takes some free hand painting (LOVE) and I could also bring in some blue for Autism Awareness and the Paint It Blue group.
Polishes are:
- Only You White French
- Essence Effect Nail Polish (Jeans Sugar) 07 Blue-jeaned
The Anchor is a free hand design using acrylics.
And the third comment. This was: Galaxy inspired.
This one actually took the most time as I'm a perfectionist and with galaxy you just have to let it go.
Sponging gives the best result. Some blue, some purple, some pink (and green, white and yellow).
Add some glitters, stars, dots.
It's a wonder your nails don't get twice as thick :D
Nevertheless I'm very pleased with how these came out.
I don't have a list of polishes because there are just too many.
Hope you liked my "I have some spare time-challenge" :D


  1. Love them all but the anchor make me skip a heartbeat!

    1. I'd never done nautical nails are anchors because it's just not really my thing. But this one actually turned out to be favorite as well!
      Thanks for the comment ♥

    2. I'm a huge fan of nautical nails, or anything nautical in general. And that Anchor had to be throat beautiful nail art Anchor I have ever seen.

    3. Most beautiful not throat beautiful haha stupid phone

  2. wow, girl you are amazing ! love it all, but anchor catch my all attention !
    love it ! i would say this is a sticker, but if you say it is your work ,,wow i have just felt in love with it :-)
    i am glad you are more more better ! many kisses

    1. Thanks dear.
      On Facebook they also asked where they could buy it :D
      Guess my art was good again.
      I liked making it as well.
      Feels so good after being sick to do nails again.
      I need it to feel complete and happy.

  3. Ahh these are absolutely stunning! I love them all! I thought I could pick a favourite so I kept viewing up down up down. Darn. I just can't. They are all beautiful and a class of their own! :)

    1. that case I succeeded :D
      Thank you hun!