Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blue water marble nails for Autism

In my last give-away I've asked people what they wanted to see in my next nail arts.
I found this very useful as it not only gives me ideas for next art but also what people want to see.
A few times they asked for a water marble.
To be honest:
I love the look of water marble nails!
But I hate the frustrations that it is giving me.
First 'the polishes'; not all of them work well for water marbling.
Second 'the design'; it almost never ever ends up the way I had in mind.
Third 'the outcome'; mysterious appeared bubbles, open spaces, awful design.
And last but not least 'the clean-up'; and this is with tape!
So, today's autism mani is quite perfect IMAO ;D
But it took me 2 hours of redoing which is more than a detailed mani will take...
For these nails I've used 2 polishes:


  1. wonderful ! i adore to this mani ! i have never tried , because i hate to make mess on my cuticles, so avoid some kind of nail art ! but love to see it very much ! and this time you mach to my interior color of my house ! everything is blue around me !

    1. I know! This days must be very nice for you...seeing all the blue here ;D
      Yes...The cuticles...exactly my problem!
      Thanks dear ♥

  2. It looks pretty good to me, and this is something I probably never try, because of the frustration involved.

    1. Got to try everything once right?!
      Would love to see some water marble nails on your hands :D
      Thanks Teresa!

  3. Beautiful Mani! I love water marbling & haven't done in in a lonnnng time !

  4. It is beautiful and it turned out perfect (I love the design on your middle finger). I also struggle with water marble every time I do it, so I usually avoid doing it, it just takes too much time, as you said.

    1. Hahaha I love to read how many think alike!
      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hahaha, the outcome sure was worth your two hours struggle! I think, no matter how many people ask me, I will not attempt it. So kudos to you for braving yourself to! Haha, marble technique is too tedious for me. Just like you, its easier for me to freehand something rather than battling with water and polish mess :P

    1. I'm not going to ask you...
      Water marbling is for those experts. Let us paint free hand :D