Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue holo flower nail art

I actually didn't want to do a nail art today.
For two reasons:
1) I'm not feeling very well :(
2) This polish doesn't need anything
Let's start with the polish.
This is my first Indie polish and it is from the Netherlands...yay!
Thanks to another blog...don't know the name anymore because I was on a huge Google/blog search for Dutch Indies :-/
I finally found Big City Nails
And ordered 3 beautiful polishes.
Today I show you "The sky is the limit"
Are you seeing the gorgeous holo glitter already?!
I love the bottle top. It's like a giant "The sky is the limit" gemstone.
In fact every nail polish bottle should contain this...don't you agree?
The hand written polish name...definitely Indie and personal :D
Oah and a little peek of the polish on the nails.
Here are some more swatches:

This picture is taken in the shade

This picture is taken in sunlight (but we didn't have much today).
The sky is the limit is a clear polish filled with a great amount of blue and holo glitters.
Pictures above are 3 coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite topcoat.
With the first coat I wasn't sure if I could get this polish opaque but it built up very quickly with the next coats and also dried a lot faster than other glitter polishes.
There wasn't much sunlight today but when this polish hits the light...ahum...breathtaking.
I bought it for €6,95 ($9,54)
For sure a polish and webshop I can recommend.
For the nail art I only did a simple flower on the accent nail.
Polishes used:
- Big City Nails - The sky is the limit
- Layla Holgram Effect 07 Ocean Rush
- Maybelline Color Show 661 Ocean Blue
- China Glaze 544 Liquid Leather


  1. love this nail polish ! beautiful shade ! have a nice day dear !

    1. Yes, it's very lovely!
      Thank you dear and a nice day to you too ♥

  2. Breathtaking is the right word for this! And I couldn't agree more with you, the little jewel "sneak peek" top on the polish cap is a must have for all polishes! That way we don't have to always pull out the check what colour XD hahahaha!! But huge thumbs up to this creator for an awesome idea :) So glad you are able to find a local indie! And such a gorgeous holo shade! ♥

    1. Thanks!
      I hope she'll be reading your comment!
      The polish is still one of my fav.
      I have it on my toes right now and in the just looks like a Thousand diamonds on my toes hehehe LOVE IT!