Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disney Frozen Olaf nail art

Today I have another beautiful polish from Big City Nails
This one is called: Are you feeling blue?
Let's start with some swatches:
Picture taken with natural light.
Picture taken with artificial light
Are you feeling blue? is a beautiful shimmery blue polish with green undertones making it lean towards teal.
This duochrome polish has a satin finish.
I used two coats in the pictures above. First coat was quite streaky and didn't went on smooth.
Surprisingly the second coat made it opaque and a lot less streaky. Nothing a topcoat can't solve.
Pictures above are without topcoat.
Two out of three polishes are gorgeous...can't wait to try the last one...but that one has to wait till after my Autism challenge.
Now, for the nail art.
 I've been asked many times to make Frozen themed nails.
I actually bought the movie for my kids and they love it (and mommy too!).
However it's not really the time of year anymore to make nail arts with snow, frost and ice.
But I make an exception with this polish and this challenge.
Are you feeling blue?
Olaf will make you smile!


  1. wonderful shade, fantastic design! I love Olaf!

  2. wow, i like this nail polish ! first picture mention me on a cold ocean ,but second is some wormer !superb as always this frozen little boy !kissing !

    1. Thank you so much dear! The polish has a lot of simularities with blue bikini girl...the one I got for you remember!

  3. I haven't seen Frozen so I don't know who Olaf is. But, it's just great that you found such a wonderful Indie polish maker in the Netherlands. Are there not very many? I enjoy searching out Indies and they name their polishes very creatively.

    1. You haven't seen Frozen? Oh, you should when you get the chance. It's a beauty!
      Maybe there are a lot of Indie polish makers in the Netherlands that I didn't discover yet...but I had a pretty long Google search and only found a few

  4. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    and YES! Olaf was a part of my entire addiction =)))

  5. I would have loved to paint Elsa with her ice queen dress but I'm not that great in painting human figures :D
    I saw the Dutch version spoken in Dutch which means the figures can differ from the English version.
    I love the voices of Elsa and Anna and I am very much in love with the music.
    Funny that you mentioned the sisterly love because my other favorite movie is Brother maybe that is what attracts me ;D
    Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hahaha!! That's just adorable! I love Olaf! And aww, I was looking forward to more Olaf and Sven interactions because of the trailers. Long story short, Frozen fall short of my expectation of Disney. Nevertheless, I appreciate immensely all the details and efforts put into the creation of film.

    And I agree too, the voice character cast was spot on. I love their voices too, it really suits the personality of each character :)

    Awwwhh, I got slightly carried away again. All in all, I love Olaf and yes he makes me smile! I like how he blabs around so many random things XD

    1. Maybe I was surprised by the movie just because I had little expectations.
      It was brought on here as the best movie ever by Disney and that you really should see it etc. etc.
      If that occurs I'm always getting a bit sceptic...I myself want to choose to see a movie or not and will decide if it's worth it :D
      However I do think they did a great job at creating this movie and I'm glad I saw it.