Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter nails

I'm interrupting my Autism nails for Easter nails.
Easter nails are fun to make and won't be of any use when I post them after April right?
So, I'll probably be doing some Easter nails for the next couple of days.
I'm not sure if today was a good day.
Almost every nail art I've done in the past was with the use of polish only.
Today I finally discovered acrylic paint and I'm not sure if I want to go back to polish anymore.
The benefits:
- No more polishes drying out as they are only used as lacquer
- Unlimited colors cause you can mix the acrylic paint anyway you want
- Cheaper than polishes
- More efficient. You come a far way with a little acrylic paint. When it dries out...simply add some water and it's good to go again.
- Easier to correct. Acrylic paint can be removed with water. When you mess up...wash your hands and you can start all over again.
I knew all of this before but it always felt a bit like cheating...
Artists use acrylic paint; nail artists use polish.
But I'm not sure anymore...
What do you think?
Here are my first Easter nails for this year:
- Bourjois 06 Adora-bleu


  1. I love this mani so cute!! I feel like there are no rules with nail art you can use any kind of materials to create art on your nails :)

  2. i like it ! doesnt matter if you change techique, you did not cheat any ...
    everyone who doing nail knows that nothing is so easy.first we must have willings and time....
    i do realy like hunny bunny !many kisses !

    1. Thanks dear! I know you will always support me whatever I'm doing ;P

  3. l felt the same when l started using acrylics! it's amazing how easier it is to paint with them! l think nail artists use acrylics too, it's not cheating, it is the best way to paint on your nails without struggling! you did a great job as always!

  4. Aww the little bunny is adorable!

  5. Oh! This is so sweet!;) I loove it:)

  6. No boundaries when it comes to creativity. In the end it still all points back to the artist. What mediums to use, how to do it, why you choose what you chose so on and so forth are all up to the artist. No one said nails are only to be used by nail polish and no one said acrylics can only be painted on canvas. I like creating and painting on nails and on paper or other little crafts I can think of, with nail polishes too. Considering the amount I am have of them right now. Even in terms of mixing new colours, nail polishes can do that too. :) There is no reason why the uses of colours cannot be inter-swapped. Galaxy is your limit! ;D

    Btw, I love love love your little bunny! It's wayy too adorable and you nailed every single detail there! Kudos to you on such wonderful job! (oh if I didn't recall wrongly, you won with this right? Congratulations! Well deserved winning! :D)

    1. Thanks! first acrylic design and I won with it! :D
      I'm definitely be going to do more acrylic is so much easier to work with!