Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cute Easter bunnies with velvet

Let's start today with yesterday's mani :D
Having some sick kids around makes it hard to do anything else besides taking care of them.
Therefore Yesterday'mani was a quickie.
Not my best but I still think it's cute :D

I've started with two coats of Bourjois 06 Adora-bleu and applied a topcoat to speed up the drying time.
Then I used the same topcoat as glue for the green velvet making the field. I worked one nail at the time.
Then I used a striper brush and Rimmel 840 Blue Eyed Girl to paint the bunnies and let it dry completely.
Again I took the topcoat, this time making larger dots as glue for the bunny tails which is actually light blue glitter velvet.
I chose blue for Autism Awereness month but if I had to do this mani again I would have used cotton for the bunny tails.
I finished by painting small flowers on the velvet field.


  1. ♥♥♥ oh..as i knew to ask you about children...
    they will get well, soon! dear , you made wonderful nail art!amazing..
    i put picture i my folder , to make some similar! i do really like it ! bravo bravo !

    1. Thanks dear.
      They are getting better already but I'm sure I will be sick as I feel it coming :(

    2. yes , now you will pick up it ! take care dear ! orange, avokado, vit C, tea ..etc..thanks you mum ...ha ha !

    3. Yeah hahaha thanks mum!
      But you have a point...I'm too low on vitamines

  2. So adorable yet so perfectly drawn! I love the shading on the bunnies. It makes them look more realistic. Your talent is amazing and I always look forward to your artwork. I wish you and your children a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!:) P.S. What do you use for the velvet effect?

    1. Hi.
      Thank you!
      Except from the youngest they're all better now.
      The velvet is created with flocking powder but if you aren't able to get this you could also use cotton or scraping some old fabric piece with a knife or scissors.

  3. Hahah yeahh blue tiny pom poms for bunny's tails! That would have been soooo adorable :3 I love this! Although simple, but they are in themed, the art and the colours, I crazy love the fluffy grass! Just gorgeous! :)

    Oh btw, what brand of nail polish remover do you use?

    1. Thanks dear!
      I use a local brand of remover. It's like a house brand.
      They sell with and without acetone but I use with as it's just faster for removing.
      It's very very cheap too :D