Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review and nail art with OPI Sheer Tints

OPI Sheer Tints (Spring 2014)

My OPI Sheer Tints mini pack has finally arrived!
I've been waiting for these for so long.


There are 4 colors:
- I can teal you like me which is a blue
- I'm never amberrassed which looks like an amber color in the bottle but is more like a yellow
- Be magentale with me which I think is true to it's name. In the bottle it looks like a red but is magenta (pinkish)
- Don't violet me down which is a violet/purple.
I've been reading other experiences but for me "Don't violet me down" was the most thick and also the strongest and darkest in color. Best to start with when making a watercolor nail art.
I also found that when making a watercolor nail art the purple and pink look a lot alike. Therefore better to use them both less than the other two colors.
Missing the green? Of course mixing/layering blue and yellow will make green.
But be careful with mixing colors because just as with paint if you mix too many colors you will get an ugly brownish color.

Formula and application

These polishes look like sheer jelly polishes.
They remind me a bit of Indian ink that you use with crown pens/pin pens.
However these polishes are more viscous/syrupy/sticky and thicker than Indian ink.
They are workable for now but I do expect them to dry out pretty quick.
When open to air for too long there is a chance of string pulling.
The polishes are hard to apply evenly but will flatten when using a topcoat.
I experienced that layering them will cost bubbles. Something I don't have the answer for to prevent.
The best comparison I can make for these polishes is Seche Vite fast drying topcoat.
The last from the bottle to be even more precise.
Like Seche Vite the polishes are fast drying.
When painted on a zipper bag you can pull the same kind of plastic-like film from it.
Recognize the thickness and bubble making when trying to finish your Seche Vite bottle?
Well, these polishes are just like that!
I tried to use my detail brush and the polishes to make a detailed nail art but the polishes are too thick to make really fine lines.
Now, it looks like there are only down sides for these polishes.
This isn't true!
As long as you see them more as a topcoat (which is what OPI intended).
There are plenty of possibilities to use these.
Well, and the sweet pastel colors are of course perfect for Spring!

Ideas for use

- On their own. They will never get opaque enough to not have any see through. Perfect for a stained glass look.
- As a topcoat. Change any of your existing colors into a complete new color
- Tie dye. Ombres and gradients by using more or less layers.
- Watercolor nail art. Randomly place the Sheer Tints over a white base.
- Sandwich nail art. Place any polish, glitter, stamps between two layers of Sheer Tints
And many more...
I will try to show you as many possibilities as I can in the next days/weeks.

Nail art

Let's start with the most common nail art that is done with these Sheer Tints:
the watercolor nail art.
Starting with a white base.
I used the regular polish brushes to randomly place the colors on the nails.
Finishing with a topcoat.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! is!
      I really love them for at least a little while :D

  2. l'm curious about these, mostly cuz it's a new finish and I'd like to try it! I think watercolour nail art is one of the best way to use them :)

    1. I'm not sure yet if it's the best way but it sure is the easiest way. A very cool look within minutes :D
      Thanks :D

  3. wow ! i love it ! and cant wait see what you will make else ! superb effect !

    1. Thanks hun! I have many ideas...can't wait to try it out!

  4. So informative! Hmm, do you think they might need thinning out? I don't think these are the best new ideas jelly tints, lols. Sometimes I frown at how OPI seems to be introducing the so called next in thing. This, I feel another ripped off money. A clear polish with a few drips of coloured polish would create a tint already. Nevermind my rants. The colours are pretty and your artwork too, that's all matters here :)

    1. I don't think it's a new concept but inspite of being just a sheer polish it's definitely more a topcoat,
      New? Not really but I do like the colors and it saves me mixing myself hehehe.
      Perhaps thinning them out would make them easier to work with though.
      I found another con too: it's very hard to remove from cuticles. Not even with my's more like scraping glue