Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cute bunny nails

I just love bunnies and they're perfect for coming Easter.
Therefore another bunny nail art.
But first things first.
I got the chance to finally try the last polish I purchased from Big City Nails which is an Indie polish.
Big City Nails - Pearly Pastels
Pearly Pastels is a light pink pearly polish filled with white and pastel glitters in different sizes and shapes (bar glitters, hexes, squares and rounds).
I thought this would make a perfect Spring lacquer.
Hereby my swatch:
Maybe you've read it before but I'm actually not really a fan of these kind of polishes.
Mostly because I don't really know what to do with it.
Should you wear it on its own or as a topcoat/accent?
I'm lost!
Above is on its own with 3 coats and picture taken in shade. 
The glitters (maybe due to travelling and laying around) had sunk towards one side of the bottle.
Shaking didn't really work so I used a cotton swab to swirl everything around.
Application was smooth but the pearly base is a bit streaky and this shows, especially around the larger glitters which makes it look less like a smooth surface (see ring finger for example).
Although the pearly base is very light it does tend to hide the also light pastel glitters.
It's not a bad thing as many crelly, jelly glitter polishes do this.
I have to say that this polish is more beautiful in real life but it is my less favorite purchase of the three.
To make a better opinion of this polish I also tried to top it over something else.
Kiko 311
Kiko 311 is a bright pink with a subtle shimmer.
This is two thin coats and in the sun.
For the nail art I topped Kiko 311 with Pearly Pastels and as accent I free handed the cute girly bunny with acrylics.
As you can see Pearly Pastels also works perfect as a topcoat.
I also love the Kiko 311 peeping around the cuticles...it's an interesting look!


  1. love it ! bunny girl is so cute ! you always make lovely bunny !

  2. Hhahaha whattttttt cuteness overloading here, Margriet! I love the nail art so much that lady bunny is toooooo adorable! X3

    Hmm not a huge fan of pearly shades. It one of those finishes that blanks my mind hahahaha! But given its pearly pastel nature, I suppose maybe you could attempt a spring theme wedding? :D Seems fitting, no?

    1. A pearly pastel would indeed be great for a spring theme wedding.
      Now that you've mentioned...I think I can do more wedding nails hahaha.