Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 283) Nail art fall colors

Busy day today.
A day of no inspiration, desire, willingness.
But a challenge is a challenge, so I tried to get over it and at least make something that looks like a design :D
I wanted to use my new fall colors and the design just happened...nothing fancy but not bad either.


  1. Wow, the colours are amazing! And they actually look great as a theme in this nail art you did. I think it feels very Arabian, rich colours and jewels. It's beautiful! :D Hehe, fret not, weekends are on their way! ;D Hope you'd have good rest after a busy day/week ^.^

  2. Green & gold is one of my favorite combos.Pretty design. Good luck one the teaching thing. It has been my life!

    1. Teaching has been great (for one day). I don't really miss it now because I have my own kids but maybe when they are all attending school...