Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 294) Halloween nails (Witch on broom)

Today one of my last Halloween designs.
I started with an orange polish.
Then I hand painted the witch on broom on the ring finger nail using a black polish and striper brush.
I sponged the other nails with black leaving a half moon mani.

Oh yeah and I gave it a nice shiny topcoat, which gives it a perfect mirror outcome ;-D (if you look closely on the index you can see a tree, some houses and me...hahaha


  1. I really like how your Witch looks and the orange just pops~!

  2. Oooh! The orange half moons totally matches up with the witch silhouette! And the contrast between these two shades are amazingly striking! Love it! I wouldn't have been able to paint the witch so well like you did even if I tried :D And whoaaa that's one really glossy topcoat! I see youuuuu!!! XD

    1. This witch was my second try. The first one looked like a pin-up girl with enlarged chin ;D