Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 304) Happy Halloween!

Finally Halloween is there and as this day will end.
My Halloween themed nail arts will end as well.
I really had fun making them and they've brought me a lot of inspiration.

Here is my last Halloween nail art and I chose to make this one GLOW:

 Essence nail art GLOW in the night top coat



  1. Ohh these are amazing! Love how they glow in the dark! I have yet to try my glow in the dark polishes (dang it, i suck!) - yet mostly its because I am well aware how my camera is unable to capture it. *Dilemmas* Anyway, great job on these! And I really love how each glow intensity varies, makes them all the more interesting! ^.^

    1. I used my Phone for it. Auto settings no flash
      I had a bright desk lamp with me in the closet (ooooh). Turned it on for a few seconds, holding my nails in front of it.
      Camera in position and shot as soon as I dimmed the light.
      The glow in the dark was only visible for a few seconds on camere while in real life they glowed for hours (weird twist)