Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 298) Rhinestones gradient

I've been dying to do a nail art like this for a very long time now.
Simular nail arts have passed my eyes and each time I thought to myself: "I need to do this!"
I only needed colored rhinestones but I found them quite expensive for maybe just one nail art.
Recently I found it a shop simular to a Dollar Shop and of course went for it.

Although the wheel has 12 compartments, there are only 11 colors:
  1) 2x Crystal
  2) Crystal AB
  3) Pink
  4) Red
  5) Plum
  6) Dark blue
  7) Blue
  8) Light blue
  9) Brownish orange
10) Green
11) Black
I thought a gradient would be best because this way I can show you the most colors.
I didn't bother to make a perfect line between the colors as it is a gradient.


  1. Omgosh! that is a killer gradient! It must have taken you quite sometime! Its so worth it though :) These are simply amazing! ♥

    1. Actually it doesn't take that much time.
      Compared to my free handed work this is so easy and relaxing :D