Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 297) Nail art ladybugs

Today's nail art was/is meant for +bubica vucko .

I met her here on G+ and I think I'm allowed to say that we've become friends.
We can't wait to see each other's nails each day and she is challenging herself to paint remakes of my nail arts or dedicates nail arts especially to me.

Time to do something back!
I asked her what she likes and her answers were:
- Her orange/brown dog, called Bubica
- Vucko which is her nick name and stands for mean wolf/cute wolf
- Red clothes

Now, let me start with what I've been doing all day and...without success :(
I planned to make a gradiënt over 4 nails.
Starting from the index with ladybugs (she mentioned once that she loves ladybugs as well) going to the middle into plants and flowers (she also has a blog about it). Then fading into flames on the ring (because I think she is wild :D) and finally the flames would surround her dog's head on the pinky.

I think this was a wonderful idea but as I felt a little pressured to make something outstanding for her, everything simply failed.

And sorry, dear +bubica vucko I had to give up and let go of this idea. I hope you're not disappointed!
I kept the ladybugs and red for you.
Hope you like this nail art instead


  1. hi dear Margi !that nail art is beautiful ! yes , i do like ladybug so much and you surprise me well !nice art ,and of course again new idea from you.i dont have such lady bug !so i will keep your picture in my comp!thanks dear friend ,many thanks !i am so glad ,and thank you ! i like all 6 ladybugs !!!! truly ,you are the best !

    1. I'm still disappointed in myself. The other nail art looked so nice in my head but I couldn't translate it to my nails.
      Maybe just not my day and I'm in desperate need of new brushes.
      You're welcome and thank you for being a friend and liking my art work.

    2. do not be disappointed,please!just amazing nail art,and of course,i dont have lady bug like this,so i will copy soon your new design:) time to time i have a look at your blog,so You are sometimes , my inspiration as well !see you, bye !

  2. Hehe I love it! Even though its not as ambitious as you intented, you still did a great job!! But hey, you could still do it someday and show it to us and to dear bubica vucko! :D Your ring finger is so perfect! It look just like waterdecals or nail stickers - but I know you freehanded them! :) Simply beautiful ♥

    1. Thanks!
      I hate it when something doesn't work!
      I hate it when my hands and mind aren't as one but yeah, maybe some other day.