Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 278) Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fot today another nail art to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).

When I was in my teens my best friend her mother had breast cancer.
Her mother found out she had breast cancer 12 years before that...the doctors said it had already spread and that there was nothing they could do about it anymore.
Chemo and radiation treatments could only try to prolong her life.
Two young children, husband and she was in her 30s.
They gave her 2 years at the most.
She was a fighter, wanted to see her children grow up.
She had no breasts and hair anymore for as long as I remember and still the only time we got reminded of her disease was when she had had a chemo again.
Then she would be ill for some time but for us kids it felt like she had the flu.
When we were in our final exams her mom got worse...Suddenly the disease was winning and very quickly.
Her mother didn't want to die while her youngest was in her finals. She promised my friend she would keep on fighting until she had passed her exams.
In the beginning of the exams...I think it was the second day or so (of in total 9) my friend unexpectedly came around at night crying at my door.
I thought her mother had died but she hadn't.
My friend cried and cried and finally told me that she felt bad to keep her mom fighting while she was so sick and dying.
We all cried that night. It felt like saying goodbye for all of us.
I told my friend to ask and tell her mom all the things she wanted to say...before it would be too late.
I also told her "fuck your exams". We will do it over again next year together.
She went home and talked with her mom all night. They cried, they laughed, they shared memories, they were together, she asked everything she could think of...and then promised her mom that she would pass the exams and would succeed in life.
She also told her mom to rest and finally stop the fight...
The next day we had two exams. I couldn't concentrate en neither could my friend. We were both waiting for it I guess...and then the moment was there...the principal walked in the exam room and we looked at each other and started crying. Time had come...she finaly found peace!!!
With all the emotions, fears, tears and stuff my friend told me she had to pass her exams for her mom.
The next days I helped her study at courses I didn't have.
She passed!!! I didn't :) Not regretting a single thing!
She made her mom proud and I hate that she isn't here anymore to see what a beautiful woman her daughter has become...a loving wife, mother and friend! rock...and so did your mother!!
Love you!

Hope for the fighters!
Peace for the survivors!
Prayers for the taken!


  1. girl ,congrats ! you almost is 15 min to midnight ! nice combo of color !

  2. Kudos to you, your best friend and especially to the awesome mother! What a good fight all of you have put up! Your friendship and love for each other is truly inspiring and touching :) I'm sure her mom sees everything from up above ^.^ and she must have been so proud of her extraordinary daughter, and her friend (you!) :D And a very beautiful nail art in honour of this wondrous memory :')

    1. Thank you very much for your comment!
      This is a tough month because it's breast cancer everywhere and it does bring back memories (good and bad).
      The nail arts are helping :D