Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 286) Nail art royal flush

Today another nail art for the Las Vegas challenge.
I've been asked to paint a royal flush.
My first thought was to give each nail a card but I really wasn't looking forward to paint that King, Queen and Jack.
So I decided to make a royal flush being part of the Welcome sign of Las Vegas.


  1. Very cool! Its so perfect! I mean your lines are all so crisps and all the details are just right! Hahahh, yeah K, Q, J would have been a pain to draw XD But you certainly did a good job here, I like how the signage seem to look like an eye :D Well done!

  2. Hadn't seen the eye yet hahaha, thanks for pointing that out!
    Yes, the K, Q and J is very clever isn't it?
    Thanks for commenting!!!♥