Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 281) Colour change nail polish Casuelle

I've shown a mood changing polish before which you can find here.
With the Mia Secret polish there was a slightly change to see between the tip and the rest of the nail.
My nails were kinda short back then, so not much to see.

With this in mind and longer nails now I expected to get the same results from today's polish.

Casuelle Colour changing nailpolish:
Feel like daydream dancing
It's a bright pink which turns to white.
First a swatch:
It's a pretty jelly pink. Very bright and perfect to wear just like this!
It does needs 2 to 3 coats to get good coverage.
I waited a little while but nothing changed in colour.
I tried the water thing again; place the hands in warm water and that did the trick.
It changed completely into white and out of the water it changed quite quickly back into pink, starting from the tips.
I really love the effect. It's a pitty it only lasts for a few seconds though.

As the polish is pink I thought this color asked for another Breast Cancer Awareness nail art.



  1. This nail art is absolutely stunning, I love the typo you've done ! Well done ;)

  2. Margi hello ,as always you have nice picture.color is perfect and this effect is so cute!

    1. Thanks dear! Yes, the effect is stunning (for 5 seconds hahaha)

    2. i am angry at G+ and blog.
      i didnt have any notice that you replayed too me :-(
      if i didnt back again to see my fav color i will never know that you replay to me ....but i did a comment many time here directly to your blog.because i like to see more picture,not only short post...just to know,not to think that i am rude and maybe not answer ,if you ask me some..
      thanks dear M

    3. I will never think you are rude for not answering or so.
      I also don't get all the replies and stuff from G+ plus there are days that I just don't have time to read and comment.
      Sometimes I skip all, sometimes I'm just a few days later...it all depends on my mood :D
      No worries!!!

  3. That's neat polish I don't think I have seen something like that before. The ribbon lettering is wonderful!

    1. Thanks Teresa! I found it at the toy store, perhaps you can find it there as well :D

  4. Ahh you're really nailing every single Breast Cancer awareness nail art! That ribbon lettering of 'Hope' totally did it (love how you played the 'e')! It's amazingly done and I am in awe! (Not that I did not expect such great outcome, but I did and you just continue to surprise me more!) Thank you for such wonderful eye-candies :D

    1. You are very welcome!! And thanks for the comment dear I'm always in awe to read them!