Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 279) Nail art Halloween with water decals

Finally feeling a bit better.
Tomorrow I'll show the prices for the "If I were a rich girl" give-away.
Today we went to the Zoo with the kids.
Watching them, walking with them, teaching them and trying to please them made me very tired.
Therefore a nail art with water decals...easy and fast :D
Water decals used:
Bluesea Nail sticker K097 (Halloween)


  1. beauty !i like it again..there is no post that i dont like !hope you know that !
    thanks to mum of 4 kids who share such a nice art ,nail art !

  2. Ohh, I'm glad to know you're feeling a lot better! Hahaha I would totally believe you did that freehand because your art is so good! Hahaha, actually.. I htought you drew them, until I read you used water-decals. Hehe, but still I love the different background colours you used for them! They sure come in handy when we want something fun on our nails and we're on the go! :D

    1. I don't use them that much but each time I do I'm surprised again.
      It's easy to do (like for everyone!), isn't that expensive, great (no sometimes perfect) designs and with topcoat you don't see a thing.
      I'm sure after fiishing my challenge I will use them a lot more