Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 284) Viva Las Vegas nail art

I'm a member of Nail Polish Queens (NPQ) which is a community here on Google+
If you're loving nail polish/nail art and/or other nail related things (which you probably do because you're reading my blog ;-D) you should join for sure.
The moderators of this community (which are really lovely people) host a weekly challenge for all who's interested. Nothing to win, just a bunch of people showing their work with that weeks theme.
This week's theme is Las Vegas!
As I'm low on inspiration this challenge really helps me to get some new ideas! So, thanks ladies!

Here are my Viva Las Vegas nails and chances are I will do another one this week :D



  1. You totally blow me away again! Such amount of details on your ring finger (lol, I kept joining these two words to 'ringer' =.=) Anyway, Hahaha yeah, sometimes having a topic set for you helps in easing the hungering question 'what to do?'. Hehe, love this mani! It definitely speaks 'Las Vegas!' - with all the blings blings and the inevitable poker game, chips and kachings! ;D

    1. Thank you very much!!! I would have understood ringer hahaha.
      Glad I can still low you away! And that you like this design.