Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 291) Nail art elephants

In preparation for the coming Carnival/Mardi Gras we have the theme "Circus".
I had to think about a row of elephants holding each other by the tail.
So I decided to translate this to a nail art.
Four elephants getting smaller on each nail, holding each other by the tail with their trunk.
After painting these I decided the top of the nails needed something as the first elephant is blowing hearts with the trunk all over the other nails.
I'm not really good at painting animals (elephants) so forgive my weird looking elephants hahaha...
it's all about the cuteness of the design ;D


  1. Believe me, they are not weird at all! I love that they are an art of their own! :) It makes them all the more unique ^.^ Love love love the idea you had behind this. Its way too adorable with elephants lining up, 'holding' each other by tails and trunks! Is that Papa Elephant blowing hearts? He's doing a good job! I'm all ♥.♥ seeing this XD

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. This makes me feeel a lot better about this nail art :D