Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 296) Fall nail art gnome

I've been wanting to do a nail art with gnomes and some mushrooms/toadstools as their houses.
But as I was starting with a gnome I soon realised that the head already was a full nail cover :(
I could have started over and make a smaller version but I was happy with my gnome and didn't want to bother anymore.

I did think it looked kinda like Santa Clause :-/ To make it more fall I painted some tiny leaves around the head.

After finishing the accent nail I was pretty much done with doing nails.
I skipped the mushrooms and went for a simple mani for the rest of the nails; red with white dots (which is of course still a little reference to the toadstool).


  1. Hahahahaha! I love this mani!! Goshh they really look similar eh? Gnomes and Santa. Especially their colour scheme (are they far cousins by any chance? ;)) The leaves you added really helps in making this nail art look more fallish than winter/Christmas feel :D Great choice!

    1. I wanted to cheat on my challenge and keep a pic of gnome to use as Santa Clause as well but then I remembered it is MY challenge who am I fooling ;D But they do look alike!
      Thank you!