Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 300) Catrice Limited Edition 'Thrilling Me Softly' (Swatches+nail art Gothic)

Catrice came out with a new limited edition called 'Thrilling Me Softly' and as a Catrice fan I want to show you this limited edition.

Catrice about this limited edition:
Belles Rebelles. A rebellion on a mission to create new paths and more passion in the world of fashion. A reunion with gothic culture is developing into an exciting encounter. Catwalks are covered in leather and lace. Graceful, mysterious and feminine. Black dominates the field in a modern interpretation combined with bright reds as well as soft rosé and nude shades. Highlights are set in a cool gold and purple. The Limited Edition “Thrilling me Softly” by CATRICE translates this trend into the language of beauty. Eyes, lips and nails are accentuated with partially metallic and partially matt effects as well as soft textures.

This limited edition comes with 5 (new) polishes. 'New' is written in brackets because especially the red and purple look very simular to previous limited edition colors.

But this doesn't need to spoil the fun.
Let's go to the swatches (All swatched with 2 coats and no topcoat):
C01 - Discreet
C02 - Suspect
Metallic polish with (of course) a streaky finish
C03 - Occult
C04 - Allure
With a very subtile shimmer that I just couldn't catch on camera
C05 - Daredevil
My favourites are C01 - Discreet and I'm really no fan of nudes but this one is more like a beige/light brown which makes it perfect for fall...
and C04 - Allure because the beautiful shimmer makes the color also perfect for Christmas :D
For the Nail art I chose to reunite with the Gothic culture as well.
I was inspired by a Gothic dress on the accent nail and anckle bracelet for the other nails.


  1. ha ha !i dont have a second one!look great!but the other are also nice color !.♥♥♥

  2. Perfect nail art for the collection! Absolutely love the flowy feel your corsette has! and the ankle bracelet for french tips is amazing! ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks! I love limited editions. They are excellent for giving new ideas!