Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 270) Marbled fall nails

There are a lot of techniques which can be used to get that marbled look (saran wrap, dry marbling, sponging).
Today I used the sponging technique.
I simply applied 3 blobs of polish on the nail sized sponge (a reddish orange, yellow and green) and sponged it on the nails.
I pushed the sponge several times on the nail, while turning and placing the sponge in different ways.
I had to do this twice to get full opacity.

After applying topcoat and some drying time.
I decided to make a leaf accent nail.
Started with free handing the leaf outline but totaly messed up (pssst I'm not telling).
Then I decided to make everything around the leaf brown and...problem solved (yes, of course this has been absolutely on purpose).

Polishes used:
- Vernis POP FLUO no 01 (yellow)
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 690 Fred Said Red (reddish orange)
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Neo Geisha 05 Planet Tokyo
- Rimmel London 60 seconds 550 Major Brown