Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 273) Nail art caterpillar

A few weeks ago I bought this polish:

Invogue Feather Effect On the money

I consider polishes like this as special effect top coats.
Yes, you can wear them on their own but just like a glitter polish/topcoat it will take you at least 3 time consuming layers.
Therefore I'm not really a fan and this one was still laying around ready to be swatcht.
I also thought it was over budget but as it is an exact copy of the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Fuzz sea and half the price of the Sally Hansen's I just went for it :D

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Fuzz Sea

Both polishes are a clear polish with yellow and blue strips (barcodes).
I don't have a swatch of the Sally Hansen's (but there are plenty to find on Google).

Here is a swatch of the Invogue Feather Effect On the money:

The close-up picture shows the true colors of the strips.
The second picture shows an accurate look of the polish as the eye wants to mix the colors and make it look like a sea color (turquoise).
I really love the end look. I would definitely wear this one again (and that means a lot coming from my mouth :D).
What surprised me was the watery clear coat. Although the pictures above show 3 to 4 layers of polish. The end result is still thin and they dried quite quickly. Which is different from some of the glitter polishes I own; not drying fast and a thick end result which makes the nails look like gel or acrylics.

Didn't know what to do with it though. Nail art wise that is.
After a lot of thinking I came to a Caterpillar as these little guys have a fuzzy coat as well.
I chose to do an easy and simple design, using a striper brush to make black circles and outline the design with white.


  1. Feather Effect reminds me of China Glaze's "On The Horizon" To be quite honest, I don't buy Sally Hanson. I am a big pain about this, because I am so into anti animal testing. But, you would expect this from me, right? I have Party Fowl (China Glaze) but really like the color combo of "On The Money". I love how you have used it.

    I hope you will do some pink designs for October, for Brest Cancer Awareness. I am sure you will come up with some awesome stuff.

    1. Thanks.
      Sally Hansen is over my budget (quite expensive here). So, I don't own any either.
      Although I'm also against animal testing (especially for make-up) I have to admit I don't really check it :(
      I will do some Brest Cancer Awareness nails (lost some people because of it)
      Let's hope it will be a bit therapeutic as well

  2. Thats sad to hear but your nail designs inspire everyone and you have such a nice heart!!

  3. Hehe that caterpillar is so cute! Yeah, these sort of polish made me pause for a really long time not knowing what to do with them. But lately I've seen very inspirational and clever use of these polishes. I'm not comparing yours with theirs, just so maybe it could spark more ideas for you :)

    Here's the link:

    1. In my circles and following. Great ideas with the polishes but I like to show new things ;D

  4. My girl friend often go to the nail shop,I like the polish with yellow and blue strips (barcodes).
    I love the new shades of Sally Hansen miracle gel, I want my girl friend to use it on her piggies but she has acrylic fingernails so i was wondering if she can use it on them as well.

    1. Hi Bob.
      I'm no pro and certainly no expert when it comes to acrylic nails.
      However I've tried some things out for you.
      The barcodes glitters or any other glitter can go over acrylics but there is a down side: glitters are very hard to remove and with acrylic nails you CAN'T use a remover with acetone. Without the acetone it's very hard to remove but if you soak the glitter off (cotton pad with non-acetone remover and foil around it...for +/- 10 minutes or more) it is possible.
      The Miracle gels by Sally Hansen are described as lacquers that won't need a light to cure...making them like regular lacquers but longer lasting. This shouldn't be a problem!
      Hope to have answered your questions!