Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 266) Be loud!

Essence came out with another trend edition "Be loud!"
The name says it all: Essence is calling all beauties to be loud, be free, be you!
Today's generation is independent, strong and assertive and this power needs to be expressed with a cool look too.
Camouflage prints and expressive colours are all the rage.

This trend edition comes with 4 nail polishes and a special effect topper (glitter graffiti):
From left to right:
- 01 Riot @ ♥
- 02 Orange is the new black
- 03 Riot grrr-een
- 04 Like a stone in the wall
- 01 Not punky, nor funky
I don't have the graffiti topper yet, but I will get it and probably show it around the Holidays (Christmas).
I do have single nail swatches of the other polishes:
The polishes are a little jelly which makes them almost opaque in 1 coat, but I've used two in the picture above.
I'm not sure if I dare to wear the darker colours isn't really my taste. But I guess that if you like such colours you'll love them.
To my surprise I totally loved the orange. Again not my colour but it looked great (bright, daring and fits quite good with my skin tone).
Well, and of course the dark purple is just fab but I love purples, so that's no surprise.
I've chosen to do single nail swatches because I took more time for the nail art ☺
Hope you like it! I used to following image of this trend edition as my inspiration:
I started with making camouflage nails.
I've used a striper brush and the following polishes:
- Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Eve in Bloom - C01 Bloomynous
- Catrice Ultimate Natural Nail Lacquer Limited Edition NEONaturals - C05 Have a good day
- Essence Trend Edition Be loud! - 03 Riot grrr-een
- Essence Trend Edition Be loud! - 04 Like a stone in the wall
Then with the same striper brush and a white polish I've made the letters "BE LOUD!"

Simular to the image I wanted to create the same camouflage effect in the letters.
Polishes used:
- Catrice Ultimate Nudes - 02 Don't tell Mademoiselle!
- Catrice Ultimate Nail LAcquer - 850 Aretha's R.E.S.P.I.N.K
- Essence Trend Edition Be loud! - 01 Riot @ ♥
- Essence Trend Edition Be loud! - 02 Orange is the new black

After this I applied the black around the letters and made some other little details from the image; spray, smiley, buttons with stars, arrow and music note.

To all my readers: BE LOUD! BE PROUD! BE YOU!


  1. This nail art is amazing!! I love it so much! Thank you for posting the process, it was really nice seeing how ideas develope one to another! The camouflage letters you did is just wayyyy too goood!! And the whole black-graffiti style conveys the message well! :D I love the colours, the camouflages, the lettering, the smiley!! hahahaha All of them, and everything is just perfectt here!

    1. When I read your comments I'm out of words. I'm just sitting here and reading it with a very BIG smile :D Thanks!! ♥