Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 267) If I were a rich girl...(Give-away)

I've reached 500+ followers!
Hooray! Hooray! Cheers! Smiling face! Happy face! Jumping in the air...you get it right?!

And because you are the lovely people that are following me, I'm having another give-away to say thank you so much for reading, commenting, following and most of all to keep me going.

If I were a rich girl...
...I would have bought each one of you a gift and send it to you.
But I'm sorry this is not the case (sad face).

The Give-away:
Although the nail industry isn't cheap I do have some low-budget favorites which I think are rich products.

I have 5 sets of these rich nail products.
I'm using a random picker so everyone will have the same chance to win.
How to win:
Look, I'm already happy that you are following me here. So, I'm not doing a Rafflecopter asking you to join on other media or making comments you don't feel like.
But I won't just give it away either. I want to make sure you've (at least) read this post and are interested in the work I've done so far.
***I want you to comment on this post by choosing one of my nail arts that has your love (I won't accept comments like "I love all you nail arts", although I know you mean well and it is sweet!)***

Now, I'm not expecting you to look back on all my previous posts (I wouldn't do that either ;D).
If you want to see all my nail arts at once, just go to my Pinterest board (this is not me asking you to follow me on Pinterest. But me trying to make it easy for you).

Good luck! And I'm looking forward to read which one you like most!

Now, for today's nail art.

If I were a rich girl...
Rich girls just love:
- Diamonds (Silver/holo glitter with rhinestones)
- Gold (Gold glitter with golden inlay heart and ring shape)
- Money (Black polish as base. With a silver glitter striper I've made the text: "Rich girl". With a 
  striper brush and gold glitter I've made valuta signs)
- Pearls (Pearly white polish (not opaque) as base, finished with pearl-shell top coat. On the tip I
  applied some half Pearls)
Oh, and between my fingers a piece of jewelry :D


  1. My all time favorite nail art that you've done so far are the crayon inspired nails you did a couple months back with the little girl under her umbrella.

  2. There are tons you've done that I liked, but I vote would be for the Valentino from Sept. 14th. and July 21st when you used real leaves for stamping.

  3. I loved the nail art with the girl blowing bubbles but the bubbles were hearts that was a unique idea and it looked totally awesome. i really need your help on the giveaway can you please help me?

  4. I absolutely absolutely loved the one you did just a while ago of the rainbow with the children each painting a stripe on each nail. This is the first design that comes to mind always when I think of you because the design was such geniously done!

  5. You seriously only want me to pick one??? Seriously I LOVE them all...LOL
    But one of the ones that I think is so cute is th Nail art baroque. It makes me think of the henna I had done on my hand a few months ago and it's so simple yet very beautiful!

  6. It was tough choosing one. I love the ''circuit board''manicure, it was very original I never seen any manicure like it :)

  7. If I had to choose one I would have to say the rainbow feather! It looks like great detail went into it and just looks amazing! I could never do anything like it. :)

  8. Ouuhh this is an easy one!! I love your recent 'Be Loud' manicure!!! Because of all the details you put into it! I like the umbrella's inspired ones too, but the Camouflage colours and letters really stands out from all the others I have seen!

    Hehe, and congratulations upon reaching the milestone! And thank you so much for having this giveaway! :) You're way beyond generous! Hehe, I like the bling bling index you did for this post's nail art! The holo sparkles really does it! And the gold one too! It has that really nice solid gold-ish texture to it - feels really rich! ;D Hahaha!!

  9. I just adore your beaded rainbow iris eye - it must have taken so much patience but it's gorgeous!

  10. Hhmmm.... That's hard to pick just one. But if I have to I'll say your sneaker inspired one. I just love the colors together, your gradient is to die for and it has some bling... Again just enough sparkle and gems.

  11. It's tough to pick one since I love many of your designs but one that I loved was the girls painting the rainbow across your nails :)