Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 249) OPI San Fransisco mini pack

OPI recently came out with a new fall collection: San Fransisco
Besides the 15 new full size colors OPI brings a mini pack as well.
This mini pack contains 4 mini's of the above full size collection.

From left to right:
- First Date at the Golden Gate
- Muir Muir on the Wall
- In the Cable Car-Pool Lane
- Peace & Love & OPI
Note: This collection contains polishes that have a different color when placed in different lights. The colors looked best inside or in the shade and as it's supposed to be a fall collection, which means darker times and spending more time inside, I decided to show the colors how they look in this kind of setting.

First Date at the Golden Gate
Three coats (but two coats will be just fine).
A deep orange/RED polish.

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane
Three coats (two can be fine)
A real plum color.
Perfect for fall

The above polishes should have some shimmer in it (according to OPI). Well, I found maybe 5 little shimmer parts in total and thought this was a left-over from bad cleaning of previous polishes.
For me this are creamy-jelly lacquers. Kinda watery at the first coat but drying very quick and two coats is enough for a good coverage, but three is best.

The next two polishes can be considered as chrome lacquers.

Muir Muir on the Wall
Two coats.
Deep purple with purple and golden shimmer.
A color to love!

Peace & Love & OPI
My favorite!
Haven't seen this yet.
A duo chrome of teal with purple.
For this one you don't have to twist your hand and look stupid while trying to get the colors changing. Duo chrome straight on the nail. In the middle teal and at the sides more purple.
Just gorgeous!!! Must-have for fall I think.
N.B. I've been wearing this one today and it has been a very hot day. In direct sunlight the color isn't as beautiful. But who cares...not like it's going to be a hot fall :D

Nail art:
Of course I wanted to use the above polishes for today's nail art.
And let's be fair...this needed the Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco (see first OPI image).

It's a little hard to see but it's there! And I kinda like it as it just feels suited for this fall collection.


  1. I love mini sets-and the Peace,Love & OPI looks wonderful

  2. I love mini sets as well. It looks cheaper :-/ and it's a great way of trying some polishes out. Peace & Love & OPI is going to be a big one according to others but I have to agree: this is a great color!

  3. how tall are they? compared to a full sized polish?

    1. A full size bottle of OPI is 15 ml and the bottles in mini pack are 3,75 ml. If you like a color you can better buy the full size (price 14,25 in Euro's). A mini pack sells for 18,95 in Euro's)

  4. Oh it really is hard to see. But I squint really hard and manage to see the wonderful nail art! Perhaps it just needs more lighting :) I think you did a really wonderful job with the inspiration and the nail polish! :D Love this one too!

    1. I had 'better' lighting but the color I've used for the bridge has a sparkle in it and then it was just one big sparkle bomb. This was the best out of +- 60 pictures. But I'm so glad you were able to see it a bit :D