Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 253) Nail art inspired by earrings

For today I was looking for a fast, not too difficult nail art.
Again some proof that really everything around you can be an inspiration.
Today my inspiration is an earring.

But first I have a swatch for you.
Douglas has it's own line of nail polish "Absolute" and it's been there for a while but only in the bigger cities. Finally my little town/city got these polishes as well ☺
And they are available for a nice price 6,55 USD

Absolute by Douglas - Maria 09

This color looks a lot like the more expensive Chanel lacquer 'Paradoxal'.
It's a duo lacquer of grey/brown tones and purple/violet.
In the dark/shade the color looks like a brown. In brighter light there is more purple to witness.
Polish and applying are good. Two thin coats (or one thick coat) is enough for good coverage.
N.B. I didn't apply any topcoat and within hours I already had some damages (bumping and a little chipping at the tip). I recommend you use a topcoat!

Now, for the nail art.
I think it turned out to be a stylish, classy nail art.
So, a big thanks to the earrings ☺

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