Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 272) Nail art Halloween

Today the first Halloween nailart.
Halloween is actually something we don't really know in the Netherlands.
Except from some movies on TV and some stuff you can buy at stores it is a day that passes just like any other.
A part of the Netherlands does celebrate Sint Maarten which is November 11th.
Children go by people's doors holding a lampion/lantern (which used to be a pumpkin with candle, nowadays it's a paper thing with battery light) and they have to sing a song.
After finishing the song they will receive a treat (this used to be a penny or fruits, nowadays it's candy).
Blabla blabla.
Let's get to the nail art!
What's there to see:
- Starry sky
- Clouds
- Moon
- Castle towers


  1. love it ,and keep this picture for me :-) to make similar !

  2. Eh, what do you mean 'blablabla'? Hahahhaha! It was really interesting for me to read about celebrations in other countries. Get to learn a little bit more! :) Sounds like it's a festival the kids will enjoy! ;D Hahaha!!

    Haha!! whoa, I like the night scene you depicted here! Especially how you did the softness of the clouds! So beautiful!

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah the kids love it! Hahaha....and so does mom ;D