Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 252) Nail art inspired by shoes

By little girl has the cutest shoes!
Disco shoes with neons, glitter, rhinestones and lights (yes, real flickering lights).
She loves them and so do I ;-D
Today's nail art is inspired by these shoes.

What did I do:
- Index: White base with neons gradient (simular to the toe part of the shoe)
- Middle: Purple glitter on black base (shoe-lace part)
- Ring: Black base with neon dotted circles (heart circles shoe) and joined hearts (sides of the shoe)
- Pinky: White base with mint and pink stripes (sole) and rhinestones (toe part)


  1. Ohhh!! I remember I was drawn to a pair of shoes with sparkly laces when I was young! But I was so young then, I didn't know how to tell if a shoe fits or not... =/ Mom wasn't with me then.. hahahaha!!

    Anywayyyyy, yeapp little girls have the best shoes! :D Love the coloured rhinestone on the tips of the shoes. And love the interpretation you did on your nails! ♥

    Oh, did your girl see them? I think she would love your nails too! :D

  2. The shoes are just cool. Wish I had them... (when I was younger uhuhuh). Yes, little princess loved the nails. She couldn't see that it resembled her shoes though :)